Nathalia Boarding Kennels & Cattery cannot accept boarders or day-care pets without a relevant, up-to-date, vaccination certificate (as per the Victorian Code of Practice for Boarding Establishments).

A visit to your veterinarian, once a year (more frequently for puppies), is necessary for a successful life-long vaccination regime.

  • Vaccinations must be completed a minimum of 14 days prior to boarding.
  • We require proof of vaccination upon arrival (or uploaded to your online Propet account).

In Doubt?

After reading the information below, and, if still confused about your pet’s vaccination status, the best person to clarify this is your Veterinarian.

Explain that your pet will be boarding – and ask the question ‘is (eg) Luna vaccinated with 5 Components so that she can board?’. Vets know immediately what is required and whether your pet is covered or not. They can (if necessary) supply a print-out (or email) of your pet’s current vaccination status – you can bring (or email) that to us.



C5 Vaccination (C = Canine, 5 = five components)

This vaccination provides your dog with the best protection for the following:

  1. Distemper**
  2. Hepatitis**
  3. Parvovirus**
  4. Parainfluenza and
  5. Bordetella (Canine Cough)

A C5 vaccination gives your dog maximum protection against Canine Cough and reduces likelihood of contraction, however does NOT prevent it entirely.

**Some veterinarians are now using the triennial C3 vaccine. If this is given, the annual parainfluenza and bordetella vaccines are still required.

Worms & Fleas

  • Dogs must be treated for gastrointestinal worms and fleas before admission, if you have forgotten, or in doubt, we can provide this service – for a small fee.


Your Veterinarian will guide you through the process, but as a rule the vaccination process follows this pattern:

  • 1st puppy vaccination: C3 at 6 to 8 weeks
  • 2nd puppy vaccination: C5 at 12 weeks
  • 3rd puppy vaccination: C3 booster at 16 weeks
  • 1st annual dog vaccination at 15 months

When can puppies board?

Provided that your puppy has received their scheduled vaccination at least 8 days before admission and are continuing the recommended vaccination regime:

  • Pups between 10-16 weeks can be admitted to day-care with us.
  • Pups 16+ weeks may board

2017 Banner7CATS – F3

F3 Vaccination (F = Feline, 3 = 3 components)

This vaccination provides your cat with the best protection for the following:

  1. Feline Enteritis,
  2. Feline Rhinotracheitis and
  3. Feline Calicivirus.

An F3 vaccination gives your cat maximum protection against Cat Flu and reduces likelihood of contraction, however does NOT prevent it entirely.

When can kittens board?

Cats must be 3 months (12 weeks) old to board with us.