Peak Periods @ NBKC

= Christmas, New Year, Easter, some school holidays and long weekends.

we know Bessie’s normal body language – she loves chasing water drops

We can host up to 150 dogs and 50 cats during the above peak period times. That is 800 paws! Can you imagine?

Therefore, it is truly critical that we know all of the dogs staying with us during peak times. This not only makes mixing playgroups far easier (and safer), but we can monitor their ‘normal’ body language correctly. We can only understand a dog’s normal behaviour if we have hosted them before.

We will always ask for a pre-stay or a pre-play prior to accepting a booking during our busy 800 paw days.

A pre-stay for Christmas must occur before the end of October, and for Easter at least two weeks prior.

All new dogs are assessed for their suitability as an NBKC fit on their first visit. This assessment is essential to ensure the smooth(er) running of our unique kennel style.