GROOMING – Boarders Only

Groomer, Jess, out playing with the dogs
Groomer, Jess, out playing with the dogs

We are a small team, and our main focus is boarding and daycare. However, we can fit basic grooms into our busy days if guests stay with us longer than five days.

We can achieve a one-length, all-over clip – nothing fancy during this time. We can also manage a de-shed for long-haired dogs.

These options can be found when making a booking request.


We can bathe dogs during their daycare day. We lather and condition them with premium quality products. The smell is lovely and lingers for a long time.

We don’t offer ‘drop-in’ bathes as this impacts our daily flow. However, you can book a daycare, and we are happy to oblige.

The price for a bath is based on our weight & FLOOF Scale. This is our Floof explanation:

  • FLOOFLess – short hair less than 2cm (e.g. Dalmatian)
  • FLOOF – hair between 2 & 4cm in length (e.g. Cocker Spaniel)
  • FLOOFStar – hair longer than 4cm (e.g. Maltese).
  • MegaFLOOFS – Breeds with thick double coats (e.g. Malamute)
FLOOF-Less (Small)$15$8$12
FLOOF-Less (Large)$20$10$18
FLOOF (Small)$20$10$18
FLOOF (Large)$25$12$24
FLOOF-Star (Small)$25$12$24
FLOOF-Star (Large)$30$14$30
Arctic Mega-FLOOF$72
Pricing for Baths – Subject to Change

Boarding Dogs – Complimentary Bath

All boarding dogs receive a complimentary bath before departure. Dogs are retrieved from their yard well ahead of time for their bath, so the go-home time stipulated in your booking is very im-paw-tant.

The ‘go-home’ bath includes a shampoo (premium products), towel dry, blow dry (if allowable by the dog), ear clean and face wash. Dirty collars may also receive a bit of elbow grease to freshen them up. A final spritz of dog cologne makes for a delicious-smelling canine.

Depending on how busy staff are (eg. interruptions to the bath sequence) and the length of hair involved, some dogs may still be damp when they jump in the car to go home. If this is a deal breaker for you, then there is a paid option of a complete dry to rectify the smell of damp dog/s in the car.

You can also choose to ‘up’ the pamper session with a conditioner (paid)

Options for the bath are selected during the booking process.

For our customers who knew our long-time resident groomer Helen McKeown of Lickety Clips – Helen passed away in Feb 2019.  We miss her dearly.