Regulations stipulate that ALL pets visiting us (even for a pamper session) MUST be fully vaccinated.

Victorian Code of Practice for the Operation of Boarding Establishments

Basic Grooming Service

Previous Groomer, Chelsea, with her fur-child Jasper

We offer only a very basic service for grooms.

  • A one-length all-over clip
  • A de-shed for long-haired dogs.
  • Nail Trims
  • Baths (Shampoo / Condition / Dry)

These options can be found when making a booking request.

For our bathtub sessions, we lather and condition with premium quality products. The smell is lovely and lingers for a long time. Prices vary depending on the size of the dog and the amount of ‘floof’.

Our ‘FLOOF‘ scale is explained further while booking however if a dog has really short hair (eg Dalmatian) it is called a FLOOF-less. Dogs with hair between 2 & 4cm in length (eg. Cocker Spaniel) are assigned the FLOOF label. A FLOOF-Star has hair longer than 4cm (eg. Maltese). Artic Breeds have thick double coats (eg. Malamute) – these are Mega-FLOOFs.

FLOOF-Less (Small)$15$8$12
FLOOF-Less (Large)$20$10$18
FLOOF (Small)$20$10$18
FLOOF (Large)$25$12$24
FLOOF-Star (Small)$25$12$24
FLOOF-Star (Large)$30$14$30
Arctic Mega-FLOOF$72
Pricing for Baths – Subject to Change

Boarding Dogs – Complimentary Bath

All boarding dogs receive a complimentary bath before departure. Dogs are retrieved from their yard well ahead of time for their bath, this is why the go-home time stipulated in your booking is very im-paw-tant.

The ‘go-home’ bath includes a shampoo (premium products), towel dry, blow dry (if allowable by the dog), ear clean and face wash. Dirty collars may also receive a bit of elbow grease to freshen them up. A final spritz of dog cologne makes for a delicious-smelling canine.

Depending on how busy staff are (eg. interruptions to the bath sequence) and the length of hair involved, some dogs may still be a little damp when they jump in the car to go home. If this is a deal breaker for you, then there is a paid option of a full dry to rectify the smell of damp dog/s in the car.

You can also choose to ‘up’ the pamper session with a conditioner (paid)

Options for the bath are selected during the booking process.

For our customers who knew our long-time resident groomer Helen McKeown of Lickety Clips – Helen passed away in Feb 2019.  We miss her dearly.