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Nathalia Boarding Kennels & Cattery offer two distinct daycare options Doggy Day Out (or ‘DDO‘) & BYO-Dog.

We use the same mix-n-match policy for all dogs on our premises, be they BYO-Dog, Boarders or Doggy Day Out. In other words, we match our guests with others of similar size, age and temperament. See more on our doggo info page.

Daycare services only operate during the Victorian school terms (that is, NOT during school holidays nor Public Holidays).

Payment is up-front for all daycare services.

To participate in daycare dogs must be:

  • Vaccinated
  • 14+ weeks old and
  • desexed if over 9 months of age (both male and female)
  • flea and wormed

Rules in our booking system will block dogs who do not fit our criteria.

Doggy Day Out (DDO) is for pooches from Shepparton, Echuca/Wyuna, Numurkah & Nathalia!

We meet our eager DDOers at a central location in the morning where they excitedly climb aboard the DDO van or trailer. They are driven to the kennels for a day of fun and frolicking and then re-loaded again at the end of the day for the homeward-bound journey (same meeting place).

Places are limited so please book well in advance.

The operation of our DDO service is weather-dependent. If the weather is forecast to be too hot, or too wet, or snowy, we will contact customers to cancel.

Boarding dogs are welcome to hop on board for transport to or from their holiday. We pick up in the mornings and drop off in the evenings (never the other way around). $20 one-way / family


Our drivers usually arrive 10 to 15 minutes earlier than the times shown below. Private phone numbers are provided with confirmation emails – just in case you are running late or need to cancel.

E C H U C A – Mon & Wed

  • We meet at Apex Park, High Street Echuca (in the car park opposite the Veterinary Clinic)
  • Monday @ 7.45 am (quarter to eight), and @ 5.30 pm
  • Wednesday @ 6.45 am (quarter to seven), and @ 5.30 pm

W Y U N A – Mon & Wed

  • We stop at Wyuna on the way to, or from, Echuca.
  • We like to meet INSIDE the Wyuna Recreation Reserve, (so that there is an easy turnaround if we are towing the trailer). If you open the gate, please close it afterwards.
  • Monday & Wednesday
  • Times: we will confirm the correct times, as a rough guide we stop at Wyuna
    • On the way to Echuca – approx 30 minutes before the Echuca time
    • On the way back to Nathalia – add approx 20 minutes from the Echuca time

S H E P P A R T ON – Tues & Thurs

  • We meet at Princess Park (John Riordan Oval) – at the west end of Nixon Street
  • In the mornings the van will park under the trees immediately to your right as you drive onto the reserve.
  • In the evenings, depending on activities occurring at the oval, the van may park to the left, behind the toilet block.
  • Tuesday: @ 7.00 am & 5.30 pm
  • Thursday*: @ 7.45 am (quarter to eight) & 5.30 pm
  • *Please note that Thursday is extremely popular, so make sure you book ahead.

N U M U R K A H – Tues

  • We meet in front of the Numurkah Veterinary Clinic (Frank’s)
  • Tuesday: Times will be confirmed by us – usually 7.40 am & 4.40 pm
  • The van swings by Numurkah on the way to and from the Shepparton DDO run.
  • More than 2 dogs are required to make this run viable.


  • We collect local doggies from their residence anywhere between 8.30 am and 9.30 am – and then drop them back at the end of the day between 4.30 pm and 5.30 pm (sometimes later).
  • Price: Adult Dog $30/day. Puppy $35/day.

Doggy Day Out Daycare – Price

Payment is required upfront and is explained during the booking process.

Adult Dogs

  • @$46/day (pre-paid packages make it cheaper)
  • A 20% discount for a family of two or more is automatically provided when booking


  • Puppies (up to 9 months of age) @$50/day.
  • Pups are monitored closely and have a rest period in the middle of the day (staff room)
  • Book more than 5 days in one booking request and receive a 10% discount

Doggy Day Care
Meet Kate. Kate is a regular Doggy Day Care pooch. She loves it.

What is BYO Dog?

Yep, the name says it all, Bring Your Own. You can drop your dog/s to us in the morning (fresh as a daisy) and then pick them up at the end of the day (pleasantly tired).

Prices for BYO are reasonable, and pre-purchased packages can help to keep your costs down further. Adults range from $25 to $29 per day and puppies $34 per day (pups can receive a 10% discount if five days are booked at one time). Prices are explained during the booking process.

Note: All pups are closely monitored and have a ‘rest’ period during the day (in the office with the purple people).


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Booking Hints

*The day of the week selected will filter the daycare services available to choose from. Daycare does not operate during peak days. Peak Day Page.