Physical Address401 Nathalia-Waaia Road,
Nathalia Vic 3638
Google maps? Please search for ‘Nathalia Boarding Kennels’ (and not physical address).
PostalPO Box 20
Nathalia Vic 3638
Telephone0458 962 000Office hours only please., or
via your Propet Account
Our preference is via your Propet Account

Contact Tips:

Please attempt to contact us during office hours only. If you can.

The FASTEST way to make a booking, or get a QUOTE, is to log into your Propet account (or create a new one). Boarding figures can easily be seen when entering a booking. Propet Account.

Because messages can come to us from various sources, we ask for your patience as we ‘be like an octopus to’ locate the threads and sort the logistics required to answer them.

Eddy says ‘text is best’.

We try our best to get back to customers in a timely manner, however, our world is full of wonderful and noisy distractions so our response time might stretch out a little. If this happens to you, please feel free to send us a friendly ‘elbow’. We don’t mind.

During an emergency, please reach out at any time via telephone &/or Facebook messaging.

Communication Blockers:

On rare occasions our phone is left in the office after hours – so we won’t receive any messages until the following morning. (Oops!)

Voice messages take some time to reach our inbox. Therefore, texting is far more efficient.

Emails sent to can only be read when we are in the office. Therefore, Propet emails, that we can see from any device – is our preferred email method.