Photographs – A Paid Service

Updated 26/1/2022

Nom, Nom, mud!

NBKC understands the desire for photographs of loved pets. We do. Pictures can definitely ease parents’ concerns.

However, we no longer take ‘requests’ for FREE pictures. We were simply receiving too many requests, and unable to please everyone. If you wish for us to take pictures of your pets (any platform) during their stay with us then this is a pre-planned, fee-for-service option.

You will find, during the booking process, the photograph options available to you. These include professional shoots, hi-res images from Facebook, Insta requests and simple iPhone snap-shots.


We invite you to follow our Insta page and enjoy the fun being had.

We have some fab young purple people who enjoy gathering Insta moments as they go around the (many) yards doing their ’biz’.

Like hamsters on a wheel our purple folk run from dawn to dusk – multitasking as they go. They do not plan Insta moments – they are simply random, organic and only captured after poo patrol.

We frequently receive requests from customers asking ’can we see our dogs on Insta’? followed by the sad face emoji (or the cheeky monkey one).

The answer is yes, you can, but we will charge for this services ($25) as you are asking us to alter our modus operandi. Our purple people have to jump off their flying hamster wheel to achieve the request.

We don’t want to offend customers by not including their pets on Insta, but neither do we want our service to become ’on demand’ as we simply don’t have the time.

We hope that you understand and enjoy our Insta stories..

Luna says “Snap this!”


Our Facebook feed is almost the exact opposite of Insta. Pictures are taken weeks in advance and, when ready, scheduled to appear in random or themed order.

The amazing photographs that you see on Facebook are (mostly) taken by our fab Pho-dog-rapher, Heather.

Heather is one of our managers and is in charge of dog training. So she is a busy beaver and will squeeze in photo-taking sessions when she can.

Due to the random nature of this process, you cannot ‘order’ pictures of your pet to appear on Facebook.

If you DON’T see your pet, it is not personal, it’s just the way that the system works.

Bear looking pretty for his professional photo shoot.