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Dog Training

Balanced training techniques, with a strong emphasis on reward and motivational based learning


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Deciding where to leave your loved pet can be a tough decision. Without a doubt, we know and understand this! That is why we provide inspections of our picturesque facility so that prospective customers can view our grounds & grill our friendly kennel & cattery staff.

Our ‘purple people’ (aka kennel, or cattery staff), can welcome you at 11 am on any day.

But first, because we operate our kennel very differently from most, we encourage NEW customers (dogs mainly) to take a peek at our ‘in-a-nut-shell’ page to help tease out the essential bits for newbies.

Please, enjoy clicking around our website. When you are comfy with the content we invite you to book a tour (not mandatory, but it is a great start). We hope to see you soon.

“We absolutely LOVE what we do and trust that you end up loving our business too!”

Vanessa, Fay & David – Owners and Operators of NBKC


David Groundsman Extraodinaire
Fay Accounts & HR
Vanessa Dog Whisperer & Manager

Our Pet Care Services

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