Welcome to Nathalia Boarding Kennels & Cattery

Salutations & Welcome

Welcome to our Home Page and thank you for taking the time to visit. We are the Scadden trio, Vanessa, Fay & David, owners and operators of NBKC. The three of us LOVE what we do and we hope that you end up loving our business as well! Enjoy exploring our website.

Vanessa, Fay & David
Vanessa says 'Welcome'
Vanessa – Dog Whisperer & Manager


Deciding where to leave your loved pet can be a pretty tough decision. Without a doubt, we know and understand this!

That is why we provide inspections of our picturesque facility so that prospective customers can view our grounds & grill our friendly kennel & cattery staff.

A short visit to Nathalia Boarding Kennels & Cattery can do much to allay fears and calm nerves. Indeed it is our mission to make sure that you feel 100% comfortable when booking your pets holiday with us.

Our friendly kennel, or cattery staff, can welcome you at 11 am on any day.

Please call for an appointment on 0458962000.

David says 'hello'
David – Groundsman Extraordinaire


For us, it is all about the tail.

The tail of a dog tells many tales (excuse the pun), but the one that the NBKC team aim for is the helicopter wag – this tells all (who care to listen), that the owner of the tail is happy, content and very pleased with life in general. 

When you collect your dog, and you are greeted with the tell-tale helicopter wag and associated joyful body language – then we know we have succeeded in our mission to provide a fun-filled, good eating, play-mate making holiday. 

Cats tails are much harder to gauge, we do aim for the ‘merry swoosh‘ and the happy face rub, but we understand well the vagaries of feline love. Many will only give love on their terms, and amusingly they can hold grudges. Suffice to say that they are well-fed, loved (if they allow) and cared for during their holiday with us.

Fay says - Welcome
Fay – Accounts & HR

Up Front…

The way we operate is very different to ‘traditional kennels’ therefore, we invite you to find out how we operate by visiting the following pages:

Welcome to Our Heart…

To truly understand the heart of our business – we encourage you to read our history – at its core, you will find the founder, Madeleine Keil.

The story starts like this: “Madeleine scowled, ‘this is simply not good enough’ she thought…