This page, forms part of the boarding agreement that you electronically ‘check’ when you submit your booking request to us.

NBKC Management

Pricing Info

Prices Prices are shown here. Applicable discounts (see page 3 below) and/or premiums are auto-applied by our booking system during the data-entry process.
****Prices can change without notice.****
Bookings All NBKC customers have an online account – with stored credit card information. We strongly encourage online bookings – this, in turn, helps us to keep YOUR rates down.
Pre-pay All NBKC services are pre-paid – with the exception of some grooms (as they are time-dependent). Payment instructions are provided throughout the booking process and via email (confirmations)
Payment MethodsWe accept EFTPOS, bank transfers, online card payments and cash. Online cards are auto-charged for some of our services. We do not accept cheques.
TimesSome of our rates are TIME/DATE dependent and revolve around our opening/office hours. These are advertised at the bottom of our website. Our booking system auto-calculates rates based on time/date factors.

Payment Methods

EFTPOSOnline CardBank TransferCash
BoardingAt Check-inOptional method2 days Prior to Check-inAt check-in
Upon acceptance by NBKC
When submitting the purchase
GroomingBalance Owing50% Auto-charged*
Upon acceptance by NBKC

* If you do not want your card charged, please call us to book this service for you and make alternate payment arrangements. Remember, this is our non-preferred method as it increases our administration costs.

Online Card Info

All customers are asked to store their credit card details (securely encrypted) on their accounts.

As payments are automated, for daycare and packages, our administration time is reduced significantly. Therefore, by storing and paying with your card, we can continue to keep the costs down for you, our loyal customer.

Online card payments attract a processing fee of 1.75% + $0.30 per transaction. We recommend purchasing pre-paid packages to lessen this fee (by $0.30 per transaction).

  • We can only see the last four digits of your card for identification purposes.
  • If you have not paid for your booking after dropping off your pet to us, we will charge your card.
  • Incidental costs during your pet’s stay are charged to your card (eg. Vet visit) – unless otherwise arranged.
  • During peak times, payments are requested ahead of time and confirmation emails will clearly explain this.

Pricing Nitty-Gritty

New Customers & QuotesWe are happy to provide quotes, but the process is speedier if you first create an account at
Pay Per-Calendar-DayWe charge boarding per calendar day. This means that you pay for the day of arrival, day of departure and every day in between.
For discounts see page 3 below.
Minimum Stayminimum 2-day stay policy means that you pay for two days, even if your pet only has a one-night sleep-over.
~ Christmas – minimum 5-day stay.
~ New Year – minimum 4-day stay.
~ Easter – minimum 4-day stay (new in 2023).
See Page 2 below
Maximum StayThere is no limit to the number of days that a pet can stay. Contact us to discuss payment arrangements for long term boarding. Discounts apply, see page 3 below.
Non-PayersBy law, we are able to keep your pet until debts are settled. See below.
CancellationsWe don’t normally charge fees for cancelled bookings. Exceptions apply to (requested) full refunds and Christmas/New Year/Easter bookings.
Premium – Out of Hours FeeA $30 out-of-hour fee applies to any arrivals or departures outside our opening hours.
See Page 4 below.
DiscountsSee Page 3 below
Peak TimesVictorian school holidays, long weekends and public holidays are our fast-paced, busy times. We call these ‘peak times’.
Peak ChargesWe charge extra for boarding during peak times:
– Dogs @$5/Day,
– Cats and Pocket Pets @$2/day.
See Page 2 below



Credits may occur if you cancel your booking, shorten a stay or remove a service, meaning that your account is then overpaid.

  • Our preference is to hold any CREDIT on your account for future use.
    • Credits:
      • don’t have an expiry date
      • are tracked on your online account
      • can be used for any of our services
      • cannot be transferred to another account

Full refunds

If you request a FULL refund then we:

  • Charge a $10 admin fee
  • Repay monies via bank transfer (in most cases).
  • Do NOT refund Bohollow donations

Refund rules differ for Christmas, New Year & Easter bookings. Please see Page 2 (below).


By law, we are able to keep your pet until debts are settled.

“I understand that according to the Domestic Animals Act 1994 No. 81 of 1994 – Part 5 – Boarding of Dogs and Cats (Page 149) – that Nathalia Boarding Kennels & Cattery can keep my pet in lieu of sums owing.”

Victorian Legislation.

See the following pages for:

  • Page 2 – Peak Times (including Christmas, New Year & Easter)
  • Page 3 – Discounts
  • Page 4 – Premiums