Fixed Only

Our boarding establishment is exclusively for ‘fixed’ (or de-sexed) pets.

Why ‘Fixed’ Only?

Firstly, it is not personal. Our Policy is not a form of punishment, rather, a simple and practical safety measure.

Secondly, we love all dogs, whatever bits they may or may not have.

Thirdly, and most importantly! We know that removing ‘hormones’ from the doggy-play-ground makes it far safer for all concerned – pets and humans alike.

If you understand our play philosophy, then the following is easier to understand:

Virile Boys

Without being too descriptive, a virile dog is (or can be) super annoying to others. Their instinctive behavior ‘ups’ the excitement and tension in the yards. The instigator of ‘bad manners’ is the one who is at greater risk of receiving a major correction from buddies. Jealousy from some ‘fixed’ playmates, is also a consideration. Both factors will compromise the safety of guests in their yards.

Entire Girls

An entire female attracts a lot of attention from playmates, regardless of where they are at in their natural cycle. This attention is often unwanted and distressing. Surprisingly, the excitement and stimulation in our yards can bring on a cycle early.

When are they due?

We rely on owner’s knowledge as to when a female is due to come on, or off, heat. This information, historically speaking, proved limited in accuracy (and/or understanding) – creating awkward and stressful situations.

Hence, we simply remove the guess work by NOT hosting breeding aged entire females. We simply cannot guarantee their safety (particularly from neighbouring intact farm dogs).


Pups, from 16 weeks to 8 months of age are excluded from this policy. This is because they are still in their formative growth phase.

Exemption for larger breed pups (up to approx 14 months) will require a letter from your Veterinarian. This letter clearly states the optimum age for the ‘fixing’ of your pet – and why.

This option is more problematical for females because it is hard to predict when their first ‘heat’ will kick in.

One option, for adult Male dogs, is temporary hormone replacement therapy. This is on a case-by-case basis (and only available during off-peak times). Here is an example of temporary hormone replacement therapy.


For the above reasons, we choose to host ‘fixed’ pets only.

Our booking system will not accept bookings for entire dogs. For enquiries call 0458962000.

Bryan says “I’m Fixed”!