Fixed Only

Our boarding establishment is exclusively for ‘fixed’ (or de-sexed) pets.

Why ‘Fixed’ Only?

Firstly, it is not personal. Our Policy is not a form of punishment, but rather, a simple and practical safety measure. It is designed specifically to help us manage the open-plan socialisation system that we offer.

Secondly, we love all dogs, whatever bits they may or may not have.

Thirdly, and most importantly! We know that removing ‘hormones’ from the doggy-play-ground makes it far safer for all concerned – pets and humans alike.

If you understand our play philosophy, then the following is easier to understand:

Virile Boys

Without being too descriptive, a virile dog is (or can be) super annoying to others. Their instinctive actions ‘ up’ the excitement and tension in the yards. The instigator of ‘bad manners’ is the one who is at greater risk of receiving a major correction from buddies. Jealousy from some ‘fixed’ playmates, is also a consideration. Both factors will compromise the safety of guests in their yards.

Entire Girls

An entire female attracts a lot of attention from playmates, regardless of where they are at in their natural cycle. This attention is often unwanted and distressing. Surprisingly, the excitement and stimulation in our yards can bring on a cycle early.

When are they due?

We rely on the owner’s knowledge as to when a female is due to come on, or off, heat. This information, historically speaking, proved limited in its accuracy (and/or understanding) – creating awkward and stressful situations.

Hence, we simply remove the guesswork by NOT hosting breeding aged entire females. We simply cannot guarantee their safety (particularly from neighbouring intact farm dogs).

Entire Pup Timelines:

The following table acts as a guide to our decision making processes about when pups can board or play with us – up until they are fixed.

Size of DogCan Board From& Up To
Female Pups
Toy & Small16 weeks + fully vaccinated 10/11 months
Medium to Large16 weeks + fully vaccinated 9/10 months
X-Large to Giant16 weeks + fully vaccinated8/9 months**
Males Pups
Toy & Small 16 weeks + fully vaccinated 8/9 months
Medium to Large 16 weeks + fully vaccinated 9/10 months
X-Large to Giant 16 weeks + fully vaccinated 10+ months**

**Your vet will recommend the optimum age for the de-sexing of your pet. You will find that there will be an overlap period when you won’t be able to send your pet to us, as they switch from ‘pup’ to a ‘breeder’. There are many health reasons for delaying the procedure, particularly for large breeds. NBKC understands this.

If you can provide a letter from your vet outlining when the procedure can occur safely, we will consider this information when making decisions about accepting your pet for board or play.

  • Males: Considered on a case by case basis
  • Females: We DO NOT board entire females any time after the timelines shown above

The price of board or play may increase to compensate for the extra vigilance that is required by staff for the care of your pet.

Temporary hormone replacement therapy is also something that we will consider – for males and females. This is on a case-by-case basis (and only available during off-peak times) and requires proof. Here is an example of temporary hormone replacement therapy.

Frequently Asked Questions

My dog is a full (entire) male, can I still board him? No. We do understand that some breeds cannot be desexed until older (size and breed dependent) – and this creates an overlap of time between pup-hood and adult-hood that is entirely inconvenient for the owner (for boarding purposes). However, we adhere to our rules to maintain a safe and less excitable playground. We will consider boarding entire males who are temporarily chemically castrated. Speak to your vet about this option.
You used to board Full Males, why not now? Yes, we tried, but it was simply too difficult and time-consuming to monitor. Our staff are busier than ever and caring for entire pets places undue stress on them. We accept our duty of care very seriously.
But my female won’t be on heat!Some pet owners understand well the reproductive cycle of canines. Others have no clue. Our blanket policy simply removes the guesswork about who understands what.
Our experience tells us that playmates instinctively know when another buddy is entire (no matter the cycle time) – which simply ups the excitement in the playground.
Our over-stimulating environment can cause the early onset of ‘heat’.
I have breeding dogs, can I board them? No. For the safety of your pets, we recommend that a traditional style kennel would be more suited to your requirements.
I have a show dog, and I can’t have them desexed. Can they board? Again, unless you are prepared to consider temporary hormone therapy for your dog (male or female), we recommend that a traditional style kennel is more suited to your needs.
Under rare circumstances, we might agree to allot a separate yard (at a cost) – but this is dependent upon availability and the cohort of dogs with us.
But, all your male dogs are de-sexed. Why is my girl at risk? True, however, we can’t say the same for nearby farm dogs.
I can’t book my dog online. Why?Rules in our booking system are designed to block entire dogs. If your dog is on the ‘cusp’ of the times shown in the table above then the system may not allow a booking, please call us to discuss. 0458962000
It’s not fair, there aren’t any other kennels nearby We understand and empathise. However, if we change the rule for one, then we aren’t being fair & consistent to all of our valued customers.
Remember our policy is to protect your pet, not to punish them.
We recommend that you plan well ahead to find alternate arrangements – or organise hormone replacement in time to board.
Bryan says “I’m Fixed”!