Taxi Prices – DDO Service

Bailey says ‘go with the flow’

Our customers can tap into our DDO Taxi service to allow them to get their pets to and/or from NBKC for boarding, without the hassle of having to drive to the kennels themselves.

A nominal fee of $15 (per family) for this service is a time-saving win for customers, and an easy administration for us.

However, after reassessing the price and time factors for this service, we find that some ‘tweaking’ is necessary:

The $15 stays the same if we can:

  • COLLECT your pet in the MORNING, easy
  • DROP your pet in the EVENING, peasy

However, if you want the OPPOSITE it is not so easy, peasy:

  • COLLECT your pet in the EVENING, $30
  • DROP your pet in the MORNING, $40+

If we COLLECT Pets in the EVENING – $30

  • After collecting your pet we drive back to the kennels (the driver does not necessarily live at the kennels and could drive straight past their home), and
  • release them into a yard for 5 or 10 minutes for a ‘wee’ run
  • pop them into their kennel
  • feed them their meal – ensure that they eat
  • Check all other boarders, as they are roused-up by the late arrival.
  • depending on where the driver lives, they then return home (locking the gates behind them)
  • Price: $30

If we DROP pets in the MORNING – $40+

It will cost $40 per family PLUS a full days board because we:

  • Drive to the kennels (sometimes going in the opposite direction to our DDO town), unlock the gates, release your pet (or catch and crate a cat), allow them a ‘wee’ run, then pop them into the van.
  • This task is achieved in the dark, waking other boarders. We are certain our neighbours don’t appreciate the early wake-up chorus of yaps and yowls. This noise flows nicely along the creek.
  • Guaranteed, this early morning excitement leads to little ‘accidents’ that takes our staff far longer to clean up.
  • The Early Departure Discount does not apply if we take them to you in the pet taxi in the early morning.
    • This discount only applies to pets collected between 9.30 am (when the office is open) and 10 am.
    • FYI: Pets collected PRIOR to 9.30 am incur a $30 out of hour charge – to assist with the cost of wages.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.