Cattery Cleaner

Cattery Cleaner & Washing Wrangler

Cattery Cleaner & Washing Wrangler – advertised 13/4/22 and closes 1/5/22: Mornings – 2 to 4 hours – Thursday and Friday: 3 Month Probation: Award = Miscellaneous Award: Must be willing to work most holiday periods.

Vanessa, Fay, David and team NBKC

We are a happy and busy team at NBKC, and seeking to employ a Cat Whisperer (part-time & ongoing). This person must embrace our culture and continue to nurture NBKC’s excellent reputation.

All staff that we employ are integral to our ongoing success. We consider them family.

Cattery Cleaner Outline

Tommy, or Tom Tom, our resident senior citizen. “I need your love”.

This position focuses on ensuring that our feline guests are happy, healthy and well-fed and their rooms are spotless:

Our ideal person would be able to do the following:

  • Work independently
  • Enjoy feline company
  • Walk 10,000 steps – fit and healthy
  • Don’t mind working in small rooms
  • Be like a tornado (fast)
  • Fastidious and Methodical (aka a clean freak who follows a set routine)
  • Able to accurately maintain written cat records/cards
  • Feed wet food in the morning and monitor dry food and water
  • Clean inhabited rooms (food bowls, litter trays, floors etc)
  • Clean office floor
  • Monitor and tidy outdoor “catio’s”
  • Prepare cat rooms for new arrivals
  • Clean and disinfect rooms after departures
  • Have a good rapport with customers – if they come into the cattery area.
  • Shut doors/gates behind them ALL of the time
  • Wash and dry dishes
  • Wash, hang out, bring in, fold and put away the washing
  • Other duties as reasonably requested
  • Training will be provided.

It is important for the successful applicant to understand:

  • About the Toxoplasmosis parasite – This is a Zoonosis particular to cats. Please google this for your own information and safety.
  • This is a MORNING role only – applicants, once familiar with the job, may start relatively early (if this fits in with their other commitments)
  • Depending on the number of cats in the cattery, this role can be 2 to 4 hours on Thursday and Friday.

The successful applicant would be able to start as soon as possible.

Are you interested?

Keep reading, cos, if you are interested in the Cattery Position, this is what you MUST do:

Application Instructions

  • Research our website,
    • this gives you a fab insight into how we operate.
    • if offered a trial, we will ask you questions about our website!
  • Email your Letter of Application
    • Explain why you want to work for us.
    • Explain why you would be the perfect fit.
    • Provide two referee names and their phone numbers.
    • Confirm that you can make yourself available for a 2 day trial (at Casual Rates). This trial can be any day of the week – but preferably sequential.
    • You can send a resume also (not compulsory) – but please take time to update it before you do.
  • Email your Letter of Application to
    • Re: Cattery Cleaner & Washing Wrangler
    • Attention: Vanessa, Fay & David
  • Questions about the position?
    • Email or
    • send a text to 0458962000
      • and we will respond as soon as we can.

We understand that not everyone can be amazing authors like Jane Austen, Ken Follett or J K Rowling!! Just be sincere and highlight your skills – we understand. A great workaround for this is to ask for help, from someone who is handy at grammar, and such.


  • NBKC prefers to ‘trial’ candidates (casual rates), rather than conduct an ‘Interview’
  • So if we like your written application, and your referees confirm that you are worth a shot, we will offer you a (sequential) two-day ‘try’.
  • Therefore be mindful of this when applying for this position.
  • If you aren’t successful, then your trial will still add some spice to your resume.

Common Mistakes

Unfortunately, or fortunately for you (depending on how you look at it), Fay (one of the owners) is an ex-career practitioner – and she knows her stuff about good and bad job applications.

Don’t stress, she simply wants to make it easier for you by telling you about some of the common mistakes made by applicants in the past:

  • A friend, relative or mother called about the position.
    • We truly only want to hear from the applicant, please.
  • Only a small percentage actually followed the application instructions.
    • Remember: Following instructions is a great job skill.
    • You have a greater chance of getting a trial if you follow the application instructions.
  • Some applicants sent us an old (ancient!) Resume or Letter of Application.
    • Receiving an application for a hospitality position, confuses us, entirely.
  • Some letters were clearly pieced together by cutting and pasting from some fancy online resume – and then not readjusted to make sense. We can absolutely tell when this happens, so avoid this, please.
  • Responding to the Facebook Advert is NOT applying for the position.
  • Make sure that your referees know that we might call. This is a common courtesy.
  • ‘Yous’ is not a word. Please don’t use it in your correspondence.