Doggy Boarding School

Heather and Bonnie

What a fab way to launch your dog’s learning journey with a mix of a vacation and school? We offer a 2-week or 3-week program.

Features include:

  • Obedience ~ develop skills utilising balanced training techniques, with emphasis on reward and motivation.
  • Engagement games ~ build better human/canine relationships through play and motivational interactions.
  • Learning to learn ~ establish the foundation of obedience using techniques such as shaping and targeting.
  • Communication skills ~ create a language between you and your dog.
  • Encourage good manners ~ eg. replace jumping up on people with a calm and ‘dognified‘ meet/greet.

2 Week Program

$600 Training PLUS Boarding Costs (weight dependent). Includes handover.

Depending on the individual’s capabilities, the learning process is conducted on a leash in a low-distraction environment:

  • sit-stay
  • drop-stay
  • loose leash social walk
  • recall to a sit position on a long line
  • place command
  • compulsory hand-over session

Multiple learning sessions throughout the day, develop skills faster.

3 Week Program

$850 Training PLUS Boarding Costs (weight dependent). Includes one hour handover.

Depending on the individual’s capabilities and progress, this program develops higher levels of reliability. Training is on and off-leash as the dog advances their skillset.

  • sit-stay – with distractions
  • drop stay – with distractions
  • loose leash social walk – with distractions
  • recall to a sit position off-leash – low distraction yard
  • place command – duration
  • dinner bowl training – wait for the command to eat
  • ‘wait’ command at doors and gates
  • compulsory hand-over session.

Multiple learning sessions throughout the day, develop skills faster.

Graduation Hand-over Session

Cost included in training component.

To graduate from Doggy Boarding School you (the owner) must attend the one-hour handover session with our trainer.

You will learn the techniques necessary to maintain the training at home, for ongoing, success, fun, and bonding with your fur-child.

Of course, our trainer is always a phone call away if you get stuck!

Customise It

If you have any specific training requests please contact us to schedule an appointment.

Our trainer is happy to discuss!


Doggy Boarding School is calculated in this way:

  • @$250 (per week) PLUS
  • $100 Handover Fee PLUS
  • boarding costs (weight dependent). For example:
2Weight Dependent**$500$100
3Weight Dependent**$750$100
Extra 1 week*Weight Dependent**$250$100

* an extra week can be sequential to original booking or booked later down the track

** Normal boarding rate policies apply – including advertised discounts and premiums. So variables will affect the cost. Boarding rates are shown here on our website.

How to book: Doggy Boarding School can be found as an ‘add-on’ when you book for boarding. If in doubt, please reach out.