Prices & Pricing

This page, about prices & pricing, and your understanding of it, form part of the boarding agreement that you electronically ‘check’ when you submit your booking request to us.

NBKC Management


We believe in transparency for the prices that we charge, therefore you will always find our prices here (look to the right hand side of page).

Our Propet booking system instantly calculates prices (fees) and auto-applies relevant discounts and/or premiums based on dates, weights & times. The exceptions are taxi services (per km) and grooms (per hour) – indeed, our team has to manually tweak these prices.

You are welcomed to create an account, or return to your account, with us and have a play around to see how the calculations works.

Our PRICING Policy

The concept of paying ‘per calendar day’ can be a little tricky to grasp. Nonetheless let’s give it a crack. Here’s how we charge (per pet) and what you pay for:

  • ARRIVAL day (regardless of check-in time), and
  • DEPARTURE day (see Discounts below)
  • as well as every day in-between.

There is also a minimum 2-day stay policy. (Did your right eyebrow just quiver?) This means that you are locked into paying for two days, even if you only stay for one night.


  • Firstly, discounts are auto applied (when you initially book) and then re-calibrated at check-out, this is because some discounts are ‘time’ dependent.
  • Secondly, our office staff are not authorised, nor indeed can they physically adjust accounts, to apply further discounts – so you will need to speak to the owners, if you are desirous of saving some cents.

Early Departure DISCOUNTS

You may raise an eyebrow (or two) at our early departure policy, but it is quite simple, and this is how it works:

  • BEFORE 9.30 am
    • Our office is not open, so there is NO discount, and watch for an out-of-hour fee
  • BETWEEN 9.30 & 10 am
    • Today’s boarding fee is auto-removed.
  • BETWEEN 10 & 10.30 am
    • $10 per pet discount + an extra sleep-in
  • AFTER 10.30 am
    • No discount, but loads more fun in store.

Early Departure Discount is not available on: Public Holidays (Victorian) as well as the 27th December and 2 January.


These are our ten-percent(er) discounts and rules in our system prevent the two intertwining (ie. you can’t get BOTH discounts):

  • 10% Family – 7 day – off-peak only
    • 2 or more pets from the same family staying for longer than 7 days
    • We define ‘family’ as pets who live in the same house together with their human pack
    • this discount does not apply during peak periods
  • 10% Single – 30 day
    • 1 pet, staying for longer than 30 days


We have two types of premium prices, an out of hour fee and peak-period adjustments.

$30 Out-of-Hour-PREMIUM

To understand our ‘out of hours fee’, first you need to know that:

Our office:

  • Does not open until 9.30 am
  • Shuts between Noon & 2 pm
  • Closes at 5 pm
  • Shuts on Saturday afternoons. (Noon onward)
  • and whilst hounds bound around every single day of the year, human interactions are curtailed on the following days (as our office is closed) on: Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day and Easter Saturday & Sunday.

By expecting us to open the office BEFORE 9.30 am, or BETWEEN Noon and 2 pm or AFTER 5 pm, you are giving us permission to charge you a $30 out-of-hour fee. Likewise, for any dealings on Saturday arvo and days when the office is officially closed.

Of course, we aren’t exactly ogres, if you need to check-in during restricted hours, we are happy to discuss your needs. Moreover, if we are given ample warning, we can re-arrange staff rosters and plan our day accordingly to meet your requirements.


There are two distinct periods at the kennels, ‘peak’ is basically during holiday times and ‘off-peak’ is all other times. Pricing is adjusted (automatically) depending on the dates you select when booking.

For your understanding: If a single public holiday falls on a Monday, then we apply peak charges from Saturday through to Monday.

Peak Dates

We have an entire page dedicated to how prices are charged for peak-periods. Why not swing on over and take a look?


“I understand that according to the Domestic Animals Act 1994 No. 81 of 1994 – Part 5 – Boarding of Dogs and Cats (Page 149) – that Nathalia Boarding Kennels & Cattery can keep my pet in lieu of sums owing.”

Victorian Legislation

What? Sorry about the officiousness of the above paragraph, however, by law, it must be included. Essentially it means that we can keep your fur-ball until you cough up your dough – thankfully we have never had to delve into these murky waters.

All bookings receive a confirmation email outlining when to pay.

How to make a PAYMENT:

  • Credit Card* – Stored (securely encrypted) on your Propet account. Payments can be processed by either party (you or us).
  • EFTPOS (not available during Pandemic)
  • E-Transfer
  • Cash

*A small fee applies to processing Credit Card payments.

Cheques? NO THANKS. Aside from bouncy issues, our bank is 30 km’s away.

When to make a PAYMENT:

  • Short stay: Please pay on pick-up.
  • Long stay: Part-pay prior, then balance at pick-up (please)
  • Peak Periods: eg. Christmas & Easter. Payment for peak periods is clearly explained on our peak period payment page – and via confirmation emails.


We try our best to provide (free) snap shots of your pet when asked, however, given the nature of our kennels, it can be a very difficult task to achieve & deliver.

In other words, we simply cannot guarantee delivery of this (free) service. And, it is simply not possible during peak times.

Photograph Prices

Therefore, if pictures are a ‘must have’, please choose the ‘fee-for-service’ option ($25). This means you can pre-order your pictures – and we can pre-arrange staff & times. We also have a full one hour session that can be pre-arranged with our pho-dog-rapher – this is $100.

Prices are subject to change – so please drop by regularly to keep up to date.