Photographs at NBKC

Social Media Pictures

The pictures that you see on our social media, namely:

Are taken by our fab Pho-dog-rapher, Heather.

Luna says “Snap this!”

Heather is not only our (main) photographer but also manages the kennels and is in charge of dog training. Heather works on-site 4 days per week so her time is limited for photo-taking.

Due to the labor-intensive style of our kennels, (dogs spread across 30+ yards in groups of active and excitable friends). Patience and time is required to capture the ‘works of art’ that end up proudly appearing on our social media.

From snap to upload, it can take 4 or 5 weeks to make an appearance – as pictures are sorted, tweaked and named.

The pictures that ‘make the cut’ are lovingly selected and scheduled as posts, often theme based, to accurately reflect the day-to-day life of NBKC.

If you are lucky enough to see a professional picture of your pet on our social media site/s then you are welcomed to dance a merry jig to show your delight. Whoppa! AND you can purchase a copy if you like too (details below).

If you DON’T see your pet, it is not personal, it’s just the way the process works.

Of course, we agree, pictures are important therefore NBKC provide the following options:

Q: Will we ever supply a day-to-day pictorial of every dog or cat on our premises?

A: No. Our labor intensive kennel style makes this impractical/impossible. And, it is a security thing too – we don’t want to advertise that you are away from your home.

A ‘Daily Life Pictorial’ is not an option for NBKC

ORDERING Photographs

FREE I-Phone Snaps

During off-peak times only you are welcomed to ask us to capture snap-shots of your pet.

  • However, the health and well-being of our guests will always trump a trip into excited yards for picture taking purposes.
  • We can’t guarantee the success of this mission – as many factors can halt the process.
  • Images (if taken) are either sent via text, messenger, or uploaded to the album on your Propet Account.

$25 Iphone Snaps:

This is a ‘guaranteed’ happy-snap option. Simply select the ‘fee-for-service’ option ($25). You do this at the time of booking.

  • This means you pre-order your pictures – and we pre-arrange staff & times.
  • Images are either sent via text, messenger, or uploaded to the album on your Propet Account.

$100 Professional Photo Shoot:

Book a one hour photographic session for your pet/s with our pho-dog-rapher, Heather.

  • When booking online, simply add the photo shoot to your order.
  • Includes hi-res images on a USB.
  • subject to availability
Can I order my picture? Please?

Social Media Pictures:

If you are lucky to see your pet appear on one of our social media sites, then you are welcomed to order hi-res version/s (minus water-mark).

Fab for enlarging onto a canvas. $25.

Simply explain to us which picture you want (date uploaded).

Life has become very ‘instant’, and social media ‘feeds’ this need (or obsession) for us to have online visual representations of our loved-ones – immediately. However, conforming to society’s need for speed, can simply place our guests at risk – and we will politely decline to do this.

NBKC Picture Taking Philosophy