Photographs at NBKC

Photographs – NBKC Style

Updated 28/4/2022

Nom, Nom, mud!

Photographs can certainly ease a parent’s concerns about their pets’ holidays – we understand! However, we no longer provide ‘free‘ pictures.

We tried to keep pace with the demand for ‘free’ photographs, however, requests outstripped our available time and resources, taking our attention away from the more important stuff. Our Open Plan Socialisation system does not allow us much free time. Attempting to keep up with the process simply lengthened the already long working day/s for our staff. So we had to put a cork in it. So to speak.

Don’t stress, however, if photographs are important to you, you can still choose the pre-paid option. We can lock paid services onto our calendar and plan ahead for staff and resources to make sure it happens.

Paid iPhone Snaps

You select this option when booking. @$25/day. We plan ahead, allocate a staff member and set time aside to transfer the images. Images are uploaded to your Propet account and an email tells you when they are ready to view.

Instagram – NBKC Style

Our Instagram page features random and fun-filled NBKC moments, short videos and happy snaps depicting the daily shenanigans happening in our yards.

You cannot ask for your dog or cat to appear on Instagram – the process is all very ‘in-the-moment’.

Facebook – NBKC Style

Our Facebook page is filled with gorgeous professional photographs by our talented Heather Harrison. These posts are informational style to help keep our customers abreast of NBKC happenings.

You cannot ask for your dog or cat to appear on Facebook – the process is pre-planned and it takes several weeks to finalise a post.

If you are lucky enough to see a professional picture of your pooch on Facebook, you are welcome to ask for a copy (watermark removed) on USB. $25. These high-resolution photographs are fabulous for enlarging onto a canvas.

Professional Photographs

You can book a one-hour professional photo session with Heather Harrison. $100.

The process can take 4 to 5 weeks to complete but is well worth the wait. Pictures (high resolution) are supplied on a USB stick. Watermarks are removed.

What a fab ‘gift’ for a family member or friend?

Bear looking pretty for his professional photo shoot.