Photographs at NBKC

A feast of photos

Life has become a photographic feast, with every facet of our lives captured. Fleeting moments, frozen in time, admired momentarily, then (on the whole), forgotten as other memories take their place.

NBKC understands the desire for photographs of loved pets. We do. We know that pictures can ease parents’ concerns.

We are also happy to take pictures of your pet, however, we charge a fee for this service. And, the service must be pre-arranged.

Fees for pictures?

Remember, you may not be the only pet parent wanting pictures of your pet. Data shows that the demand for pictures is growing. We simply cannot keep up and feel devastated when we fail to produce pictures ‘on demand’. We know how keen you are to see the pictures.

Remember, we can have upwards of 100+ dogs and 25+ cats on our grounds at any given time. This can add up to a lot of pictures, and a lot of time.

FYI: We could employ a dedicated full-time photographer, however, this would mean a price hike and we prefer to keep our rates cost-effective for all.

So, lose-lose, but win-win.

a Frisky Business

Picture taking at NBKC is a frisky and lengthy process. This is because our open plan socialisation system (dogs actively playing together) makes it extremely difficult to capture decent images of active and excitable dogs – or uncooperative cats hiding in pods.

Add to the equation our slow internet service and suddenly we find ourselves distracted from our core duty – which is keeping an eye on, and caring for our guests.

NBKC staff often work extra time at the end of a busy day simply to upload photographs.


Focussing our undivided attention on the well-being and care of our guests is the number one priority for NBKC staff, always has been, and always will be. Naturally!

The Scadden’s also understand that they must look after the health and well-being of their staff. Without a doubt!

Picture taking, therefore, is relegated lower on our priority list. Unless it is a paid service where we can plan ahead, and slot it into our busy days.

Ad-hoc Moments

Our staff will capture ad-hoc special moments – as antics make us laugh out loud and we are keen to share these. However, this is purely a by-product of ‘being in the right place, at the right time’. Instagram is the best place to see these rip-snorting moments.

Picture Paw-fect Options

Here are our picture-paw-fect options.

iPhone optionsProfessional
iPhone Snaps – @$25/day
Simply select the fee-for-service option at the time of booking.

When you do this, we can plan ahead (rosters / staff / etc) to ensure that we can complete your request.

Images are either sent via text, messenger or uploaded to the album on your Propet Account.
Professional Photo Shoot – $100
Book a one-hour photo session with our pho-dog-rapher, Heather.

Simply add the photoshoot to your booking. Includes hi-res images on a USB.

Subject to availability & can take 4-6 weeks to receive images.
Free iPhone snaps?
No longer available.
Social Media Pictures – @$25
If you are lucky to see your pet appear on one of our social media sites, then you are welcome to order a hi-res version (minus watermark). Fab for enlarging onto a canvas. Great for gifts. See more information below.

Explain to us which picture you want (ie date uploaded onto Facebook or Instagram).

Social Media Pictures

The photographs that you see on our social media, Facebook & Instagram, are mostly taken by our fab Pho-dog-rapher, Heather.

Hint: Instagram may show some sneaky short video bursts when we capture fun moments in the yards.

Luna says “Snap this!”

Heather not only manages the kennels but is also in charge of dog training. So she is a busy beaver and needs time to plan photo sessions.

To capture the works of art that appear on our social media – time is essential, and patience is a virtue.

The photography process is tantalisingly lengthy as they are: taken, tossed, tweaked, typed, tagged and transferred. This means that it can take four or five weeks to process them – ready for debut on our socials.

The pictures that ‘make the cut’ are lovingly selected and scheduled as posts, often theme-based, to accurately reflect the day-to-day life of NBKC.

You cannot ‘order’ pictures to appear on our socials, it is an entirely random process.

If you are lucky enough to see a professional picture of your pet on our social media site/s then you are welcome to dance a merry jig to show your delight. Whoppa! AND you can purchase a copy too – simply call or text to explain which picture you want. 0458962000.

If you DON’T see your pet, it is not personal, it’s just the way the process works.

Q: Will we ever supply a day-to-day pictorial of every dog or cat on our premises?

A: No. Our labor intensive kennel style makes this impractical/impossible. And, it is a security thing too – we don’t want to advertise that you are away from home.

Some adhoc & happy antics may appear on Instagram… just for fun
A sample of Heather's photography work.
by Heather NBKC