Peak Period Deposits

By reading this page, you are acknowledging your understanding of our payment system for Peak Periods. In-fact, this page forms part of your boarding agreement with us.

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The THREE things you need to know:


When we accept your booking we are wholeheartedly committing to, and planning for, an amazing experience for your pet. Indubitably so.


Planning processes for your pet begin as soon as we accept your booking request. And, we cycle through a myriad of tasks every day in the lead up to holiday times;

  • monitor how many dogs and cats are currently in the system, and WANT to be in the system,
  • pre-prepare kennels, catteries and grounds,
  • check & order necessary equipment & items to meet demand,
  • stock-take & purchase sufficient (wet, dry, fresh) food – based upon the breeds booked in,
  • organise staff rosters
  • plan for sleeping arrangements and social groups.

This is just to name a few of the tasks that we handle. Basically, we are prepping for a maximum woof (and meow) invasion. And, the closer we get to holidays, the faster we pedal.


When we hit ‘capacity’ (normally 4 or 5 months out) we are turning away other customers, or, adding them to our wait list.

Understandably ‘waiters’ are proactive and look to make alternate plans as soon as they can, this means that our ‘wait’ list is quite depleted by the time the holidays arrive.


Date Changing: 

Please select your boarding dates carefully when you initially book for peak times, because once we are 4 weeks out from the holiday (and you have paid the balance), you cannot shorten the booking.

You can lengthen your stay – only if we have the space.

To clarify, you can physically pick up your pets a day or two earlier, but you must pay for the dates initially booked.

This policy is in place because we have planned, like a giant jig-saw puzzle, around the bookings made for the holiday period. In turn, we have actively turned away other boarders in the lead up to the peak time. Indeed, boarders who are prepared to pay for the dates that you no longer need.

For the above reasons, our peak period payment rules (below) apply to the initial dates when you first book, and not to any shortening of dates made subsequently.

New Customers 

Unashamedly, we gear this policy towards our frequent boarders, as they are our bread and butter. So, if you are a NEW (one-time) customer, be aware! Indeed, you will be out of pocket if you make, then subsequently cancel, your booking.


Credit Card 

You MUST store your credit card details (securely encrypted of course) on your online account with us

And, you understand, and agree, that we process deposits & balances from this card. 

NBKC Managaement


Here is how our deposit/balance/cancellation/credit system works: 

$100 Deposit 

At the time that you make your peak-period booking, we ask for a $100 deposit. Or, payment in full if your booking is less than $100.

The deposit is fully refundable if you cancel 42 days (6 weeks) from your check-in date.

Cancellations 6 to 4 weeks from check-in, will see the deposit placed as a credit on your account.  You can use this credit in the future for any of our services.


The Balance of your invoice is due 4 weeks (28 days) from date of check-in. We will send you a reminder email and process the money from your credit card. 

You now have a deposit and a balance that make up the entire payment. Go you!


What happens if you cancel after paying the balance? We will process a cancellation fee and apply the remainder as a credit to your account for future use. This is how it works: 

  • 28 to 14 days from check-in: $50 cancellation fee
  • 13 to 7 days from check-in: $75 cancellation fee
  • 6 to 3 days from check-in: $100 cancellation fee
  • 2 to 1 days from check-in: No discounts or credits provided.  

We understand that curve balls are a vexatious part of life. Therefore, we will take cancellations on a case-by-case basis.


The following colour-coded table provides an example of how the timeline works for cancellation fees. In this example, the check-in date is the 23rd.  To clarify, the check-in date does not count in the cancellation equation.


It is important to note that credits are NOT transferable to other accounts. For example, you can’t ‘gift’ it to your Aunt, best friend, neighbor or indeed your uncle’s niece. This is because our booking system simply does not work in this way.  


Thanks for reading to the end. Go you! We hope that our Policy is clear and simple to follow and that you are wiser for the experience.

We are happy to answer all manner of questions. However, our fab Kennel staff are not in a position to alter the payment policy. Please ask to speak with an owner if you want to discuss your concerns.

Our number is: 0458 962 000.

To acknowledge your understanding of our payment system for Peak Periods, return to your booking and check the agreement box.

NBKC Management