Canine Facts

We offer boarding & daycare for de-sexed canines only…

Well, there are a few exceptions.

Exceptions are made for pups (between 8 months & 12 months of age – size & breed dependent) and geriatrics who are well past their breeding days. There are a few other little loop-holes so feel free to scroll on down to find out more.

Play Philosophy

We recognize, without a shadow of a doubt, that (the majority of) dogs are social creatures and are born to run, sniff, jump and play with others. Therefore, we structure our play philosophy around their inbuilt desire to belong to a group of like-minded friends.

And, based upon this, our ‘open-plan-socialisation‘ system is born!

Of course, we also know that some dogs don’t give a toss for other pooches and prefer their own (or owners) company to any others. Indeed, we understand.

We are aware that some dogs don’t have the opportunity to socialise very much at home, and this makes their owners a little uncertain and nervous about our system. However, a trial board (during off-peak times) or a Doggy-Day-Out visit can quickly sort this dilemma.

In conclusion, because of our play philosophy we only accept dogs who are willing ‘socialites’. In other words, if you own an aggressive dog then we are not the boarding establishment for you.

Yards & Gardens

Before we discuss our ‘mixing philosophy’, we couldn’t do what we do without our 28+ yards. In fact our grounds are an amazing place to visit and most visitors are astounded to witness the number of dogs in various yards, playing (often loudly) and getting along so well, together.

Some yards are grassed, some are river sand, some are small and some are perfect for running. This makes them individually unique, and helps us to cater to the various personalities who stay with us.

All yards have water troughs, sprinklers, beds, toys, shade & shelter. 

Subject to availability, we even have a few yards for those who prefer their own company. Of course, this costs a little extra. 

Mixing Philosophy

Whilst our grounds are an amazing place to witness, rest assured, there is super-careful planning and considerations underpinning the play-mate matching. For us, the mixing philosophy is a constant and evolving task to ensure that the ‘mix’ is ‘just right’. The yards (play-mates) are continually monitored, and adjusted, as dogs are checked in and out.

The ‘mix’ is based on a whole range of factors including:

  • Age
  • Size
  • Breed
  • Agility
  • Ability
  • Temperament
  • Yard type

By far, simply ‘knowing‘ the dog is the most important factor. With many regular boarders, we understand their temperaments so well that we can often judge how a new dog will ‘mix’ simply from their intro-reactions.

Play Time

Weather permitting, our guests are ‘up’ at about 8 am, and back in for dinner at about 4 pm. This means that they can play and socialise for up to eight hours per day, what fun! Definitely not a ‘traditional kennel’ culture.

In Short

By mixing your dog with others, we provide stimulation, interest and excitement whilst simultaneously keeping boredom and frustration at bay.

Ultimately this produces the happy helicopter tail wag that we look for.

Important Info

There is a lot of information in our agreement that you must electronically acknowledge prior to boarding with us. It’s not a bad read, if you want to swing over and take a look. The agreement includes information about:

  • Food & Feeding
  • Photographs
  • Special Needs Pets (eg. requiring medications)
  • Weight Issues
  • Unique Challenges
  • Recovery from holidaying
  • Personal Items
  • and more


Regulations stipulate that dogs must be over 16 weeks of age and up to date with vaccinations to board (in Victoria). To attend daycare, they must be 14 weeks plus. See our Vaccination page for full details.


All of our canine boarders receive a complimentary hydro bath before going home (tail wagging).


Mixing an entire animal in our yards for play is fraught with all kinds of problems and is simply too difficult to manage. An entire pet has the capacity to switch the culture in a yard very quickly. More often than not, it is the entire pet that is at risk of potential injury from over-interested buddies. That is why our boarding establishment is exclusively for de-sexed pets.

Pups, from 16 weeks to 8 months of age are the exception, as they are still in their formative growth phase. Also, we may choose to accept a larger breed (with Veterinary or Breeder acknowledgement) who cannot be de-sexed until older. However, this is not a common occurrence, as it is our preference to adhere to the 8 month de-sexing policy.

Adult Male dogs, with have undergone temporary hormone replacement therapy, will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Our absolute preference however is to host de-sexed pets only.


Each dog has their own room (where they eat and sleep).

After ‘up’ time, every room is thoroughly cleaned and re-set for the evening. Kennels are dry and comfy by the end of the day when dogs eagerly bounce in for their evening meal.

We have an assortment of kennel styles, but suffice to say that they are very comfy whatever the weather. For example: concrete floor heating, demister systems, roller doors, fans, evaporative-coolers, reverse cycle air-conditioners, blankets, coats (all sizes), Snooza beds, soft beds and water bowls.


Your pet must have current vaccinations to board with us. See our Vaccination Page. An annual visit to your vet will keep your pet healthy & safe with their vaccination requirements. Vaccines take 12 days to become effective – so make sure you plan ahead.


Prices for boarding are based on the weight of your dog. Prices are shown on the right hand side of our website.

Other Services:


We consider ourselves a four-legged holiday camp rather than a kennel!