Canine Facts

A bit about our canine holiday’s…

Our philosophy is almost opposite to that of other Kennels.  We recognize, without a shadow of a doubt, that dogs are social creatures and therefore benefit greatly from the company of others – this provides stimulation, interest and excitement – keeping boredom and frustration at bay. We don’t coop dogs up in single runs, or restrict their play time, or let them out of their kennels for 15 minutes at a time, or walk them on a lead for exercise. Nope, we don’t do any of that!

We don’t charge extra for fun either!

What we do have is 28 carefully monitored yards (some are almost garden-like) where we match dogs (of similar size, age & temperament) with playmates so that they can play and socialise the day away. Some yards are grassed, some are river sand, some are small and some are perfect for running. The yards are continually monitored and adjusted as dogs are checked in and out. We even have a few yards for those who may not like to socialise.  All yards have water troughs, sprinklers, beds, toys, shade & shelter. 

Weather permitting, our guests can play and socialise for up to eight hours a day.

In Brief….


Dogs must be over 16 weeks old and have up to date vaccinations to board with us. See our Vaccination page for full details.


We simply don’t have enough yards to mix entire male & female dogs, therefore entire dogs over the age of 8 months must be de-sexed to board with us.



Your pet must have current vaccinations to board with us. See our Vaccination Page for full details


Dogs can have so much fun in one of our 28 day-yards. From small yards to spacious running areas, we can accommodate dogs of all ages, breeds, sizes and social abilities.  Further yards are on the drawing board too.

Some yards are grassed, others have river sand and all are equipped with ample shade, swimming/water troughs, sandpits, sprinklers (or de-misters), shelters, beds, and toys for the dogs to enjoy.

Play Time

Eight hours per day of socialising is what we aim for. We like to group our boarders based on age, size and temperament – so every dog has the opportunity for a playmate.


All dogs receive quality food including 1st grade Hazeldene chicken, Prim100 wet food and a selection of breed, energy or age specific Royal Canin dry food.

Kennels / Rest

Our canine boarders sleep comfortably in our secure kennels.  Sleeping quarters are equipped with concrete floor heating, demister systems, roller doors, Snooza beds and water bowls. Families can share rooms, otherwise all our guests have a kennel to themselves. We are closed between Noon & 2pm daily – so dogs (and staff) can snooze between games.


All of our canine boarders receive a complimentary hydro bath and brush before they go home.

Special Needs Pets

We can cater to dogs with advanced or complicated medical or physical requirements including diabetics, surgical recoveries, and pancreatitis. One of our friendly managers is happy to discuss.


We are fortunate that a couple of our family members are handy photographers and when they visit, take some terrific shots. Most pictures find their way onto our Facebook page – please feel free to like us so that you can join the fun.


School Holiday times and Public Holidays can be loads of fun but very hectic at the Kennels.

To ensure the smooth running of the business and the safety of all animals and workers on the grounds we only accept dogs who have boarded with us previously and (therefore) familiar with our routine.

If you have never boarded with us before, and want to book for a peak holiday period, then you must book a boarding stay beforehand, this allows us to make temperament observations and/or personality assessments of your pet – which assists us with yarding and management during busy periods.

Please call us to discuss if you have any questions about this policy.


Prices for boarding are based on the weight of your dog. For full details (including discounts and peak charges) visit our Prices Page.  (PS. You will be pleasantly surprised that we don’t charge for those little extras that other kennels do (walking, cuddles, play-time etc.)


It is entirely normal for your dog to be super quiet and sleep for long hours (and days) after a stay with us. Don’t stress, they are only recuperating from their exertions in our highly stimulating environment.  It doesn’t stop them from being super excited about coming back to us. We just love to see the joy in regulars as they barge into our office, ready for another adventure.

Other Services:

We consider ourselves a four-legged holiday camp rather than a kennel!