Our Cattery

Cats must be 3 months old to board with us and have relevant & current vaccinations.

Our Cattery

All cat rooms are multi-tiered with plush bedding, cat scratch products, toys, litter trays and either hammocks or chairs. Tiled floors make cleaning a breeze and this is done daily. We have a mix of indoor rooms only, and indoor/outdoor rooms (for those cats who like to soak up the fresh air).  Cats are never mixed together (unless they are from the same family). Check our pricing page for costs of rooms.

The Cattery is attached to the office so our feline friends are always around humans and they enjoy the comforts of an evaporative air conditioner and fans during the summer – while heat pads keep them comfy during the winter months.

An extra 6 new cattery rooms are almost complete.


We allow our feline guests to graze on Royal Canin dry food during their stay (unless otherwise instructed). They have access to fresh water and enjoy wet food (we keep a variety on hand) daily too. If you prefer to bring your own food for your fussy eater you are welcome to do so (there is no discount for this).


Our experienced staff are happy to administer medications to cats with special needs (after hour fees apply if applicable).