Doggy Day Out

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Doggy Day Out (DDO) is for pooches from Shepparton, Echuca, Numurkah/Wunghnu & Nathalia!

IMPORTANT: During the current pandemic, strict social distancing protocols apply when picking up and dropping off your pets – this means that you must follow instructions of staff at all times.


We LOVE Doggy Day Out (affectionately called DDO), not only because it is a real hoot for the dogs who come to play with us, but because our staff get so much (pure) joy out of watching their antics.

In a nutshell, we pick up dogs from a central location in the morning, bring them back to the kennels for a play, then return them home in the late afternoon. You can see the towns involved in DDO below – along with times and pick-up locations

We employ the same mix-n-match policy described elsewhere in our website to buddy up DDO dogs (no need to re-write what is already well written).

Needless to say DDO is perfect for active & social dogs and for those who might need a little more prompting to play or move.

Think of our DDO vehicle as if it were a school bus, because that is when we operate, and we give the kids (aka dogs) a break during Victorian School Holidays. Not sure when they are? This link will help: Victorian school terms 


To participate in DDO Dogs must

  • be 14+ weeks old and
  • if over 8 months of age must be de-sexed (a tad older for some large breeds)
  • all dogs must have Proof of vaccination


Shepparton, Echuca, Numurkah & Wunghnu

  • $37 per dog – $56 for a family of 2
  • Why not add a groom, nail-clip or bath?


  • $20 per dog – $30 for a family of 2
  • Why not add a groom, nail-clip or bath?


Payment is required up front please, via any of the following methods.

  • E-Transfer (details provided in confirmation email).
  • EFTPOS: @ pick-up. (not available during pandemic).
  • CASH: at pick-up. (not available during pandemic).
  • CARD: Store your credit card details securely on your account with us and process payments at any time (small fee charged)


Monday – ECHUCA

Meeting Place: Apex Park
– AM: 7.45
– PM: 5.30

Tuesday – NUMURKAH

Meeting Place: Numurkah Veterinary Clinic (Frank’s)
– AM: 7:15
– PM: 5.30

Tuesday – WUNGHNU

Meeting Place: Wungnu Cafe Car Park
– AM: 7:30
– PM: 5.15


Meeting Place: John Riordan Oval (an old sign there says ‘Princess Park’) at the very end of Nixon Street (heading west). Map
– AM: 7:00 (Different time to Thursday)
– PM: 5.30

Wednesday – ECHUCA

Meeting Place: Apex Park on High Street – MAP
– AM: 6.45
– PM: 5.30


Meeting Place: John Riordan Oval (an old sign there says ‘Princess Park’) at the very end of Nixon Street (heading west). Map
– AM: 7:45
– PM: 5.30


We will collect & drop from/to your house or yard (must be within the township of Nathalia) – call us to discuss 0458 962 000


Whether you are an existing customer – or new to us – everyone books online here: propet account (click to open)

The ONLY exception to this rule is if you have an entire male or female pup (between 16 weeks & 9 months) – the system won’t allow you to book – you will need to call us to do it for you. 0458 962 000

Here are a few handy booking tips:

  • Select the Daycare option,
  • Select the appropriate day (the DDO option will only appear on the next screen if you have selected the correct day).
  • If you have two dogs please add them both to the same booking – the price will alter automatically.
  • Select additional services (eg groom, nail clipping, worming or flea treatment) before submitting.


Limited Spots

  • Acceptance of your booking will be dependent on the number and combination of dogs in the van.
  • An email from us will confirm your booking (usually within 24 hours) or we will call to reschedule. 😊


  • Don’t hesitate to give us a call if you want to find out more!
  • 0458 962 000

Please be prompt and let us know on 0458 962 000 if your plans change. 

Love from team NBKC