Once Upon a Time….

Maddy with Josie & Ben

Maddy with Josie & Ben

Madeleine created and oversaw the management of Nathalia Kennels from 2000 to 2016, and established a very successful not-for-profit animal re-homing service during this time.

After much thought and research into different Kennel styles, our founder (Madeleine Keil) decided on the open plan socialisation style (a rarity).

Madeleine, an avid and knowledgeable dog owner, wanted to create an environment where she would be 100% comfortable to leave her own pets – where they could spend all day socialising and enjoying plenty of mental and physical stimulation; an establishment where animals are excited to attend and pet owners can go away on holidays stress-free knowing their furry family members were well cared for.

From humble beginnings (two yards and a handful of boarders), Madeleine’s dream became a reality, and now we care for an average of 45 dogs and 15 cats per day.

Guests come to us from as far as Geelong, Melbourne, southern NSW and everywhere in-between.

The successful growth of the Kennel’s is underpinned by Maddy’s knowledge, expertise, passion and experience with animals – and for having the knack to choose great employees who complement the services on offer.

Dogs (and cats) love their holidays at Madeleine’s dream Kennels.

With mixed emotions, Madeleine leased (October 2016) then sold the business (April 2017) to the Scadden Family, remaining as a mentor and tax driver until retirement in late December 2018.

Jacinda with her beloved Indie

Jacinda with her beloved Indie


Jacinda was the proprietor and Manager of Nathalia Boarding Kennels and Cattery from 2011 until September 2016.

Jacinda started as a work experience student in 2005, becoming a school based trainee (Animal Studies) during her VCAL year.

Jacinda then completed a traineeship in Companion Animal Studies (Wangaratta TAFE) and a grooming qualification (Box Hill TAFE).

Jacinda was awarded the regional apprentice of the year (2006) and won the regional Powercor Moira Shire Business Excellence Award for customer service in 2015.

Jacinda moved onto her next career chapter at the start of 2018.




We called Cedric our Factotum… the man who does everything.

Cedric washed dishes every single day, rain, hail or shine for 13 years (2005 to Dec 2017) and was a true-blue supporter of our great little business.  Cedric showed a genuine interest in the lives of our young workers and developed a wonderful rapport with them all.

He started volunteering at the kennels at about the same time as Jacinda, and both left at about the same time.

RIP Cedric – we miss your booming voice.

Current Staff

Full-time: Heather Harrison, Chelsea Hicks, Ashley Keir, Emily Tymensen.

Casual / Part-time: Teagan Peterson, Amelia Vaughan, Abbey Cleeland, Abbey Bell, Jemma Bell, Mia Bell, Emily Bright, Ned Bramwell, Dani Guthrie

Past Workers

Our Kennels would not be as amazing as it is today without the contributions from past workers. We acknowledge the following people:

Michelle Temme, Cadisyn Villani, Helen McKeown – Groomer Extraordinaire (RIP), Josh Gemmill, Jade Philips, Laura Harvey-Hawkins, Jake Hindmarsh, Clancy Congues, Helena Bakogianis, Evelyn Scott, Lyn Mitchell, Kellie Begley, Cheryl, Rebecca Ford, Dana Ford, Jenny Trotter, Kelsey Walker, Denise & Nathan Butler, Paul & Alison Maloney, Holly & Michaela Cottingham, Xav & Grant Bell, Di Gemmill, Daniel Keil, Imogen Dixon, Stormy Guthrie, Leah Bridges, Emma (Flo) Rendell, Clinton, Elvie & Stuart Barnes, Daisy Ing, Kirah Turri, Ashley Henze, Ann Mooney, Monty Keil (meet and greet boy for 13 of his 15 years), Camilla Wilson, Stacey & Tanya Fitzgibbon & Harrison Hawks.

If you worked for us and your name is not on this list – please let us know!