Professional Grooming

Meet our Groomer Chelsea (with her pooch Jasper). Chelsea is a Junior Manager with us & studied for her grooming qualification at Dog Diversity in Melbourne – this involved a full month of intensive, extensive & professional training.

Grooming services are available Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday (subject to Chelsea’s availability) and include:

  • Nose to Tail
  • Length Selection
  • Bath & Tidy
  • Breed Specific (Purebred only)

Trims include:

  • Ears
  • Eyes
  • Nails
  • Nails & Pads
  • Tail-end tidy-up
  • Whole Face

Grooming is charged by the hour @ $55 per hour. Trims rang from $5.50 to $20.  All prices show when you book online.

Home Time

All boarders, on the day they go home, are bathed, dried, spritzed & donned with a bow (if available). The only exception is if the animal becomes too stressed (baths, after all, can be a terrifying experience for some!) and we will err on the side of happiness (and safety) and not proceed.

The majority, however, look great and smell delicious when they jump in their owner’s car to go home!

For our customers who knew our long-time resident groomer Helen McKeown of Lickety Clips – Helen passed away in Feb 2019.  We miss her dearly.