BYO-Dog daycare

What is it?

Let’s play tug-o-war!

It doesn’t matter if your dog is a high energy soul, a moocher, or just in need of some play buddies, ultimately our BYO-Dog daycare is a fab way to provide the stimulation, sensory delights and social interactions that canines love.

Customers can drop their dog/s (hence BYO) to us in the morning (daisy fresh) and pick them up at the end of the day (pleasantly pooped).

Regular customers can even drop off or collect their pets before and/or after operating hours. This is very useful for those who work long hours.

The BYO-Dog formula guarantees that someone will sleep well afterwards. In fact, perhaps more than one member of the household may experience sweet dream-filled, uninterrupted, slumber! Score!

After a few visits, customers tell us how excited their dog is when they realise where they are going. We love these stories. xo

If you can’t bring your dog to us, then we might be able to pick them up. See our Doggy Day Out page or call us to discuss 0458 962 000.

How does it work?

All dogs, whether Doggy Day Out, Boarders or BYO-Dogs are mixed, and monitored, according to our Open Plan Socialisation protocol. Therefore, once your dog is delivered, we match them with others of similar size, age and temperament.

Pups are carefully monitored and provided a rest period mid-way through their busy day. This is in the office with staff, who LOVE to spoil them – naturally!

Confirmation emails explain the current (and strict) processes for drop-off and pick-up for BYO-Dogs. Emails usually land in your inbox within 24 hours of your booking request.

BYO-Dog requirements

BYO-Dog attendees must be 14+ weeks of age, up-to-date with flea and worm treatments and vaccinations And, as per our normal rules and regulations, they must be de-sexed (if older than 8 or 9 months of age).

All NBKC customers have an online account with us (see below) for booking purposes and storage of relevant data.


BYO-Dog prices are very reasonable and pre-paid packages make them even more so. Packages have an expiry date (200 days) and are non-transferrable.

Canineper dayWith a Package
Dog (desexed) 8/9months+$255 days = $100 (@$20)
10 days = $180 (@$18)
Pup*$305 days = $120 (@$24)

*Pups are between 14+ weeks and 8/9 months – WITH vaccination proof. Pups are closely supervised and have a rest period midway during the day – snoozing in the office with staff.

How to Book

It is an easy process to book BYO-Dog daycare dates. You can return to, or create an account with this button.

Otherwise, call or text 0458 962 000 during office hours. (Our preference is for online bookings as it reduces our administration costs – which means that we can keep prices down for you)