Day Care

During the current pandemic, please remain in your car upon arrival at the Kennels. A staff member will greet you and handle the Doggy Day Care check-in and out processes while following social distancing rules.

Doggy Day Care
Meet Kate. Kate is a regular Doggy Day Care pooch. She loves it.

Doggy Day Care

What is it?

It doesn’t matter if your dog is high energy, a moocher, or just in need of some play buddies, ultimately our Doggy Day Care is a fab way to provide them stimulation, sensory delights and social interactions.

Customers can drop their dog to us in the morning (fresh as a daisy) and pick them up at the end of the day (pleasantly tired).

This is a formula, nay a guarantee, that someone will sleep well that night. In-fact, perhaps more than one member of the household may experience sweet dream-filled slumber!

How does it work?

We use the same mix-n-match policy for all dogs on our premises, be they Doggy Day Care, Boarders or Doggy Day Out. In other words, we match our guests with others of similar size, age and temperament.

Of course our vigilant kennel staff closely monitor our guests throughout the day.

DOGGY DAY CARE requirements

Doggy Day Care attendees must have a current vaccination certificate. And, as per our normal rules and regulations – they must also be de-sexed.

Pups must be 14+ weeks of age, and up to date with their Vaccinations. (See our Vaccination page)

How to Book

Log into your account to book online today indeed, it is a very simple booking system. Otherwise, call or text to 0458 962 000.

Regular customers can even drop off or collect their pets before and/or after operating hours. This is very useful for those who work longs hours.

Tail wagging and noisy, excited reactions do tend to occur on subsequent visits. So, watch out!

To clarify, this is one of our aims – to make dogs happy.

If you can’t bring your dog to us, then we might be able to pick them up. Please call us to discuss 0458 962 000.