Day Care Packages

Our pre-paid packages are great value for our frequent daycare customers – essentially you receive 11 days for the price of 10, PLUS one free bath.

So, whether you are a Doggy Day Outer or a Day Care pooch, there is a package available for you.

To Purchase a Package

Click on ‘Book Now’ after opening your online account.

Packages are ready and waiting via your online account with us.

Log into your account at

Click on the blue button ‘Book Now’

On the next page, select the “View Available Prepaid Packages” (last blue button – see picture below). After clicking on this you can see the packages you already have (if applicable), or, purchase a new package. Essentially you make a selection from the various options available and then choose the quantity (1 package = 11 days+ 1 bath).

Packages are available for 1 dog, or a family of two.

To Activate your Package

  • After following the above steps, next, you submit the booking to us for processing.
  • A confirmation email is sent to you requesting payment.
    • We can, if you allow us, process payment from the card stored on your account – or you may process the payment yourself. Or,
    • you might choose to pay by E-Transfer.
  • When Payment is received and processed, your package is then activated, and ready for use.

How to use your Package

After activating your package, you simply book your daycare (as per normal) and allocate your bookings against the package.

  • The system will track how many days you have remaining in your package each time you book.
  • If you want to book ALL 11 dates at the one time, that is OK too. However, this isn’t necessary as our Packages do not expire.


If you have trouble purchasing the package, or not sure how it works, then please feel free to give us a call 0458 962 000 or send a text and we will respond.

Our friendly staff are happy to help.