Canine Cough

Have you heard a dog cough?

The sound is remarkably like the noise they make when they Hoover their dinner and the food catches in the throat. Cough, gag, cough! Nice.

Or, maybe it is more like the sound they make when they pull too hard on the lead. Wheeze, cough, choke, cough, relax, pull, repeat!

These charming noises can pretty much explain what Canine Cough sounds like. The biggest difference is that the noise is usually continuous (sometimes worse in the morning and evening). All, in all, pretty gross!

What to do….

To be fair, the cough is famous (in most cases) for causing more stress to the human than it does the dog.  Ignore the cough (if you can) and monitor their other normal behaviours (stuff going in & stuff coming out). Is this OK?

  • If it is, relax, the symptoms are self-limiting and your dog will recover in 5 to 7 days.
  • If not, and you witness lethargy, vomiting or diarrhoea you can probably view this as a neon sign saying ‘take me to the vet now!’.
  • Also, elderly or very young doggies are at a higher risk of complications. Go geriatrics and toddlers, straight to the vet please!

Canine or Kennel?

Yes, boarding kennels have a higher number of dogs in close proximity to each other, and yes, this increases the likelihood of being on the receiving end of a cold. This is why many people call it ‘Kennel Cough’.  HOWEVER, Boarding Kennels truly can’t take FULL credit for CC, as the virus can travel up to 2kms on the tail of a soft breeze. So, disclaimer, it IS readily available elsewhere & everywhere.

This is why you will hear kennel owners say ‘Canine Cough’ – because it isn’t specifically specific to Kennels.

Humanising it

“I have a flu shot, I am covered!”

Are you? Really? Naw, bless. No!

The universe knows, and acknowledges, that people who get flu shots, can still come down with a cold. After all, the vaccine is designed to only deal with the big league virus’ and not fight off every bug.

Same, same for doggie vaccines.


Firstly, we want you to know that historically, we don’t seem to have suffered greatly from outbreaks of CC (although our 2019 winter was a little problematical).

Child-care centres are a great example, they would (as would we), find it far easier to pin jelly to a wall, rather than stop a virus once it starts. Just sayin’!

  • We doggedly (excuse the pun) regulate vaccination requirements and only allow dogs to stay with us who have a proud up-to-date vaccination status.
  • We don’t accept dogs who are visibly ill upon arrival, however the incubation period (5 to 7 days) makes it undeniably impossible to pin-point a bug carrier – we have no way of knowing if a dog is a carrier.
  • We keep our customers informed – when we know of an issue, we:
    • shoot out pre-board emails, and
    • post-board emails, and
    • Openly discuss with current customers at the office
  • this enables our customers to make informed choices about whether to cancel (pre-board), and what to watch for (post-board).

It is extremely important to us that our customers keep us informed of any post-board issues. And, our amazing customers never let us down!

More info (thanks Wikipedia) can be found here: Canine Cough.