Boarding at NBKC (Nathalia Boarding Kennels & Cattery) will not commence until customers have read and agreed to the following. This agreement is updated as required, so customers are asked to re-read for each individual booking.

Nathalia Boarding Kennels & Cattery (NBKC) operate an open plan socialisation system whereby dogs are mixed, with suitable companions, and they can play for up to eight hours per day – weather dependent. This system is different to traditional kennels and provides a stimulating and fun environment in which to play, but also supplies some unique challenges that you must be aware of.


I understand that NBKC:

  • Does not open until 9.30 am
  • Shuts between Noon & 2pm
  • Closes at 5 pm
  • Shuts on Saturday afternoons. (Noon onwards)
  • Considers anything outside of the above hours as ‘out of hours’
  • Reception is closed (to customers) on certain days of the year (Christmas & Easter)
  • May charge me an ‘out of hour fee’ if I turn up expectedly during closed periods. $30.


I understand that boarding fees are non-negotiable and that NBKC:

  • Charge per calendar day, including
    • The Day of ARRIVAL (no matter the time of check-in)
    • The Day of Departure (early departure discounts below), and
    • every day in-between.
  • Has a minimum 2-day stay policy
  • Charge extra for Peak Periods – per day:
    • $5 (dogs) and
    • $2 (cats).
    • Peak Periods are displayed on NBKC’s web-site (Prices Page) and shown when booking online.
  • Will charge an out of hour fee ($30) for any check in/out occurring outside of normal advertised hours.
  • Have the right to change boarding rates (aka, rates are subject to change)


I understand that the payment policy at NBKC includes:

  • Short stay: payment is due, and payable, on or before the day of pet collection.
  • Long stay: Part payment (negotiated) is due at check in, and the balance on or before the day of pet collection.
  • Easter: A deposit $100 – is required to secure a place during Easter. Full refund only applies if cancelling 14 days or more ahead.
  • Christmas: A deposit $100 – is required to secure a place during Christmas/New Year. Full refund only applies if cancelling 28 days or more ahead.

I understand that according to the Domestic Animals Act 1994 No. 81 of 1994 – Part 5 – Boarding of Dogs and Cats (sections 64 to 68, Page 140) – that Nathalia Boarding Kennels & Cattery can keep my pet in lieu of sums owing.


  • I understand that any discount provided to me is at the discretion of NBKC:
    • 10% for families – must be staying for longer than 7 days
    • 10% for single pets – must be staying for longer than 30 days
    • Only one of the above discounts apply at any time.
  • Early Departure Discount – Rules
    • BEFORE 9.30 am – No discount. Out of hours fee.
    • BETWEEN 9.30 & 10 am – Board fee for each pet removed.
    • BETWEEN 10 am & 10.30 am – $10 per pet discount.
    • AFTER 10.30 am – Full boarding fee charged per pet (refer to ‘Fees/Rates’ above)

I agree that I fully understand the discount rules provided above, that the booking system automatically calculates discounts.

Sleeping Arrangements

  • Dogs / Kennels:
    • I understand that dogs will not be mixed in the same kennel to sleep at night (unless from the same family)
    • If I have a family of dogs, I agree that they can be in the same kennel.
      • I will discuss if otherwise.
    • If a good, and very familiar, friend of my dog is boarding at the same time, I agree that this dog can be in the same kennel as mine.
      • I understand that this will be specifically noted against both dog’s profiles on NBKC’s Propet booking system.
  • I understand that dogs and cats from the same family will never be housed together. (This question has cropped up in the past).
    • Dogs are in Kennels, Cats in the Cattery.
  • Cats:
    • See Cat agreement below.


Dogs: NBKC offers a selection of Royal Canin Dry food that is breed or need specific, Prime100 rolls & Fresh chicken wings.

Cats: NBKC offers Royal Canin Dry food and a selection of wet foods (mostly Fancy Feast).

I understand that NBKC:

  • will discuss my pets dietary requirements with me and note anything specific on their file
  • feed dogs once a day, in the late afternoon
  • feed dogs & cats in their rooms, separately, or under direct supervision
  • will feed breakfast to dogs under the age of 12 months

Customers providing their pet’s own food.

  • I understand that NBKC
    • Does not discount boarding fees if I provide my own food.
    • prefers pre-packaged, clearly named/labelled portions plus extra to reflect the expected energy output.


  • I understand that NBKC prefer medications to be supplied to them in pre-prepared medication dispensers.
  • I understand that an ‘out of hour‘ fee will apply if medication administration is outside normal operating hours.


  • I understand that:
    • boisterous play can flick sand, dust or other foreign matter into eyes – and this is an uncontrollable factor in NBKC’s style of Kennel.
    • foreign matter in eyes can lead to non-infectious conjunctivitis.
    • environmental factors such as plant types & pollen may also play a role in eye issues.
    • NBKC staff will monitor eyes closely and flush with saline solution if deemed necessary,
    • an eye irritation may not present itself until at home.

I agree that I will not hold NBKC responsible for play-ground dust, dirt, pollen or other matter that may affect my pet’s eyes.


I understand that NBKC:

  • Have a number of river-sand yards
  • Informs me that on very rare occasions (0.1% in 2019) a dog will develop sore-paws from the sand.
  • Will remind me, via email (post board) what symptoms to look for and actions I should take regarding irritated paws/pads.

I agree that I will not hold NBKC responsible if my dog develops soreness in their paws from running on river-sand.

Veterinary Attention

  • I authorise the management of Nathalia Boarding Kennels & Cattery to obtain any veterinary attention deemed necessary for my pet while in their care.
  • I agree that my pet can be treated for worms &/or fleas if the management of Nathalia Boarding Kennels & Cattery deem it necessary, and that I will be pay for this service.

I agree to be responsible for any veterinary expenses incurred on behalf of my pet.

  • I also understand that if I wish to request a reimbursement for veterinary expenses, that I may be asked to provide relevant documentation from my Veterinarian. The Vet must explain why he/she believes NBKC are negligent and responsible for my dog’s condition.

Photographs – Dogs & Cats

I understand that:

  • due to NBKC’s busy style of kennels, that it is very time consuming for staff to take and send pictures of my pet.
  • during off-peak times staff will try and respond to my request for pictures, but it is not a guaranteed service.

I agree that I will NOT request pictures during Peak periods.  

I agree that if I DO want pictures, then I will select this as a paid add-on service – this enables NBKC to plan-ahead accordingly.

Entire Dogs & Cats

I understand that my pet must be de-sexed, if over the age of 8 months, to board or play at NBKC, OR

  • If not de-sexed (for specific reasons) I can seek veterinary intervention to temporarily & chemically fix my pet for boarding purposes.
  • I understand that I must supply documentation to NBKC with proof of treatment. The treatment must be effective for the full period of boarding.
  • I understand that older dogs, past breeding capacity, must have a letter from their vet confirming their inability to breed. (Frequent boarders may be exempt from this requirement).
  • I understand that acceptance of entire pets (as outlined above) is at NBKC’s discretion and that their first preference is for de-sexed pets.

Exercise – DOGS

I understand that NBKC:

  • mix dogs to play during daylight hours (groups are based on size, breed, temperament & age).
    • I agree that my dog can be exercised/socialised with other dogs during daylight hours.
    • I agree to discuss other specific arrangements with management.
  • have yards with river-sand as a base.
    • This sand, on occasion, can cause irritation to paws. Whilst a rare occurrence (0.1%) the irritation is slow to manifest, not immediately noticeable to staff and will, in almost all cases, only show at home with excessive licking of one or more paws.
  • may apply a yard fee if my dog cannot be mixed with others.

I understand that:

  • continual play increases the chance of unintended injuries.
  • channel water is used in yards for dogs to drink and jump into.
  • it is very normal for dogs to be tired after a stay at NBKC.  Most dogs will spend a few days resting when they get home .

Weight – Dogs

I understand that:

  • dogs expend a lot of energy in NBKC’s boot camp environment
  • weight, particularly for active breeds, is difficult to regulate and maintain.
  • I must discuss feeding and breakfast options for my pet if I am concerned about weight loss.

I agree that I won’t hold NBKC responsible for my dog’s weight loss, providing they try their utmost to prevent the loss.

Personal Items – Dogs

NBKC prefer not to take personal items due to the following reasons:

  • Dogs are mixed during the day for play & we don’t want territorial disputes over personal items.
  • Dogs don’t necessarily sleep in the same kennel each night, so we can’t leave items in individual rooms.
  • We have several changes of staff during the week, so tracking of personal items is difficult.
  • We have oodles of various blankets, coats, beds & toys.
  • NBKC staff can process more than 14 loads of washing per day and if personal items end up in the wash cycle, they become difficult to find.
  • The smell of ‘home’ is a very human construct.
    • Does the smell of home calm a pet (reminding them of home)?
    • Or, conversely, does the smell make a pet sad because it reminds them that they aren’t at home?
  • Leaving items with us increases our workload – taking us away from our normal tasks and duties.

Adopting the phraseology of a famous Star Wars character: If wages be considered, half an hour spending, searching for a rug of $5, does not economic sense make.

I understand that NBKC prefer NOT to take personal items, however, items that I leave

  • will be clearly named
  • may not be returned to me in the same condition, or at all.

I agree, that that I will not hold NBKC responsible for damage or loss to personal items that I choose to leave with them.


The following applies to cats:

  • I understand that my cat will not be mixed with other cats, unless from the same family.
  • I understand that dogs will NEVER be housed with cats.
  • I understand that I must discuss rooming arrangements for my family of cats with NBKC staff.
  • I understand that my cat crate must be clearly named when leaving it at the Cattery.


The following applies to rabbits.

  • I understand that NBKC cannot 100% guarantee a mosquito-proof environment for my rabbit, and this may expose my pet to diseases such as myxomatosis.


The following applies to all pets: I acknowledge, understand,  agree that:

  • NBKC is located by a creek, in Australia, and that snakes are a hazard of Australian life
  • NBKC adopt a number of snake deterrent tactics that seem to work effectively (snakes are (touch-wood) very rarely sighted on or near the grounds)
  • NBKC cannot 100% guarantee that snakes won’t venture onto or near their grounds.

I agree that I will not hold NBKC responsible for any actions of a native Australian animal.


I understand that NBKC strongly encourage and expect feedback from customers, good or bad. NBKC use this information to monitor post-board status and to improve current processes.

I agree that, if I have a grievance, I will ask to speak to the owners/partners and not place junior staff under duress. I understand that my grievance will be handled swiftly once it reaches the correct person.

Return to your account, and check the box to agree to the above.