Prices & Refunds

This page, about prices, pricing & refunds, and your understanding of it, form part of the boarding agreement that you electronically ‘check’ when you submit your booking request to us.

NBKC Management


We believe in transparency for the prices that we charge, therefore you will always find our prices here (look to the right hand side of page).

Our Propet booking system instantly calculates prices (fees) and auto-applies relevant discounts and/or premiums based on dates, weights & times. The exceptions are taxi services (per km) and grooms (per hour) – indeed, our team has to manually tweak these prices.

You are welcomed to create an account, or return to your account, with us and have a play around to see how the calculations works.

Our PRICING Policy

The concept of paying ‘per calendar day’ can be a little tricky to grasp. Nonetheless let’s give it a crack. Here’s how we charge (per pet) and what you pay for:

  • ARRIVAL day (regardless of check-in time), and
  • DEPARTURE day (see discount page)
  • as well as every day in-between.

There is also a minimum 2-day stay policy. (Did your right eyebrow just quiver?) This means that you are locked into paying for two days, even if you only stay for one night.

Refund Policy

Off Peak Periods

If you pick your pet up early, or alter your booking after payment is made, we will apply any overpayment to your account and hold it as a ‘credit’. This money may be used for any of our services in the future. There is no expiry date. You cannot transfer to another account.

If you want a FULL refund, then a $10 admin fee applies. Refunds may take up to 10 days to process (depending on the type of refund).

We do not refund donations to Bohollow (our native wildlife shelter fund-raiser project). Once given, you cannot take back!

Peak Periods

During peak periods (Christmas, New Year, Long Weekends & Easter) there is a different set of rules for refunds. Please visit our peak period page (opens in a new window).



We have options for picture taking here at NBKC, please see our Photography info page for the full story.

Prices are subject to change – so please drop by regularly to keep up to date.