Premium Prices


We have two types of premium prices, an

  1. out of hour fee and
  2. peak-period adjustments.

Out-of-Hour-PREMIUM – $30

NBKC office hours are clearly shown at the bottom of each web-page. Our booking system takes these hours into consideration when requests are made – and will charge premium fees accordingly.

We try and keep our boarding rates at a reasonable price because we love to help our customers budget for their breaks. However, our staff don’t work for free, and rostering them out-of-hours (or indeed sneaking into overtime) is costly for NBKC. Therefore a $30 fee applies if you collect or drop your fur-kids:

  • BEFORE 9.30 am, or
  • BETWEEN Noon and 2 pm or
  • AFTER 5 pm or
  • Noon to 5pm on Saturdays, or
  • during any advertised day that our office is CLOSED
  • Our booking system auto-applies the fee


There are two distinct periods at the kennels, ‘peak’ is basically during holiday times and ‘off-peak’ is all other times. Pricing is adjusted (automatically) depending on the dates you select when booking.

During peak times, our booking system will auto-add
$5 per dog per day ____ $2 per cat per day

For your understanding: If a single public holiday falls on a Monday, then we apply peak charges from Saturday through to Monday.

Peak Dates

Christmas Holidays*10 Jan10 Jan10 Jan
Australia Day23-26 Jan26 Jan26-29 Jan
Labour Day6-8 Mar12-14 Mar11-13 Mar
SCHOOL HOL – T12-18 Apr9-25 Apr9-26 Apr
Easter2-5 Apr15-18 Apr7-10 Apr
ANZAC24-25 Apr23-25 Apr22-25 Apr
Queen’s Birthday12-14 Jun11-13 Jun10-12 Jun
SCHOOL HOL – T226/6-11/725/6-10/725/6-10/7
SCHOOL HOL – T318/9-4/1017/9-3/1017/9-2/10
Melbourne Cup30/10-2/1129/10-1/114-7 Nov
SCHOOL HOL – T418 Dec21 Dec21 Dec

*Normal (off-peak) rates kick back in after 10 Jan.