“I understand that according to the Domestic Animals Act 1994 No. 81 of 1994 – Part 5 – Boarding of Dogs and Cats (Page 149) – that Nathalia Boarding Kennels & Cattery can keep my pet in lieu of sums owing.”

Victorian Legislation

What? Sorry about the officiousness of the above paragraph, however, by law, it must be included. Essentially it means that we can keep your fur-pet until you part with your hard earned cash – thankfully we have never had to delve into these murky waters.


Apart from peak periods when a different timeline is adhered to, all payments are made approximately 2 days PRIOR to dropping your pets, OR when you arrive to check-in.

Stored Credit Cards

As part of the booking process you are asked to (securely) store credit card details on your Propet account. Although this is mandatory for ALL customers, you do not need to pay via your stored card (see info & clip below).

HOWEVER, your card is our ‘go-to’ if payment is forgotten in the drop-off rush, or other incidental costs occur during the board period.

Confirmation Emails

All bookings receive a confirmation email outlining when to make payment along with our banking details. If you have not received a confirmation email within 36 hours, please reach out: 0458 962 000.


Off Peak Periods ONLY

Payment TypeWhen?Notes:
Online Credit Card1 day prior to arrivalStored on your account – mandatory
Securely encrypted
Fee auto-charged: 1.75% + $0.30
E-Transfer2 days prior to arrivalNBKC Banking details are provided on confirmation emails.
– Add booking number as reference when paying (eg. #B01245)
– Send remittance if you forget the reference number
EFTPOS (Visa, Mastercard)Upon arrivalQR Code check-in
CASHUpon arrivalRemember cash is an excellent courier for germs.
Cheque?NoBouncy issues and bank 37km’s away.
Grooming Costs?After GroomFinal cost can vary, so grooms can be paid upon pick-up.

Other Payment Options:

Long Stays:

If you are planning a long haul holiday, please discuss payment options with us. See our discount page (link below)

Pre-Payment Plans:

Some of our customers like to pre-pay for their pets holidays and will set up a direct debit arrangement. We are happy to discuss. 0458 962 000.

How to pay with your stored card: