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To leave your pet in our care, you must read and understand this first, our Agreement.

NBKC Agreement

Confirmation and reminder emails will contain some, but not all, of the following information.

The Basic Nitty-Gritty

We have:Because:
A very different operational style when compared to other, more traditional style kennels.We love it that way! But you must too, so please understand our open plan socialisation system by visiting our dog page.
You must concur with our operational style.
De-sexed pets only, please.Hormones simply make our fur-guests hyper – so we have very strict rules in place. Please see our ‘fixed only‘ page for the low down. (Pups between 16 weeks and 9 months of age are fine).
Entire dogs are blocked if trying to book online.
Particular Risks that you must be aware of.Our very active environment provides some unique challenges, including: potential injuries, eye issues, paw problems, weight balancing & tiredness.
Please visit Particular Risks to learn more.
An online booking PORTALWe capture all regulatory data and essential information about you and your pet in our ProPet portal. This data assists our purple people to make important decisions about your pet’s holiday.
We encourage our customers (or a tech savvy friend) to create their own account.
This portal is used for future booking requests.
Bookings for boarding & daycareWe strongly encourage customers (or their tech savvy friend) to make bookings for our services via their portal. This way, we capture relevant data for each individual stay or play – straight from the horses mouth.
If customers DIY bookings, then we can continue to offer affordable rates.
Booking restrictionsSome of our services have time restrictions in place, if this is the case, the booking system warns you. Then, it is time to reach out to the purple person manning the office. 0458962000
Booking ConfirmationsThese arrive via email, to the address registered on your account. Please check your junk folder before reaching out.
Confirmations usually arrive within 24 hours.
Contacting us via phoneIf you desire to speak to us, please try and do this during office hours only. As a small family business, we enjoy some respite at the end of the barking work day. That was said politely!
Our preferred method of contactWe find that detailed text messages (to our mobile number) are the easiest and simplest way to handle communications in our busy environment. Or, via emails from your portal.
Indirect methods of contactWe find the following less convenient but you are welcome to try: Social Media messages, Voice Messages, emails sent to our ProPet email address from an address NOT connected or registered to your account.
Minor InjuriesWorking with pets is unpredictable and, much like a human schoolyard, incidents can occur. Thankfully, injuries are few and far between, however, you must be comfortable and happy to accept the potential for minor injuries to occur in our active environment.
(For example nips, scrapes, fly bites, ant bites, sand-in-eyes, scratches etc).
Responsibility for minor injuriesIf an injury occurs that is simply ‘one of those things’ (accidents can, and do happen) then the owner is responsible for any costs involved.
If we feel that an injury to a pet is due to a flaw in our procedures or processes – then we accept this, without question.
If there is a discourse between parties, we ask for an impartial judge – this is your Vet. Your vet will write a letter stating that we are responsible for your pets condition.
Don’t fret though, ultimately, we have a friendly and open system to deal quickly and efficiently with these matters and we are ALWAYS happy to discuss your concerns.
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New Customers

You need to knowBecause of this
We don’t host NEW dogs during peak times.It is very important that our staff know every single dog on our premises during peak times. More info about this can be found on our dog page.
First Time AssessmentsNew dogs are auto charged for an assessment (currently $20). This is a fun-packed report explaining how your dog survived their first visit with us. Who their buddies were, what they got up to, how they ate etc etc. The report says whether they are welcome to return.
Looking for a Quote?You can ask for a quote, but you will find the prices on our web-page – this will give you a ball-park figure – price page.
Opening an Account with NBKCWe invite new customers to create an account with us and provide all of the necessary information required for booking. Please read the tips and clues on your home page. These will assist with any ‘blockers’ that crop up.
ToursWe encourage new customers to book a tour with us. 11 am on any given day (except Public Holidays and some Peak days) is a good time for us, but this is negotiable.
De-sexed Pets OnlyRemember our rules at fixed-only
New Customers


What?And, we reply…
VaccinationsMandatoryRegulations stipulate that all dogs and cats must be fully vaccinated to stay or play with us. See our vaccination page.
Sleeping ArrangementsYes, sleeping is definitely a health matter! Dogs from the same family may sleep in the same room, however, owners must tick a ‘yes’ box during the booking process to concur. Similarly, cats from the same family can share a room.
You may ask if your dog can sleep with your cat, but the answer is no.
Veterinary AttentionBy leaving your pet with us, you are giving us the approval to seek any medical attention when and if we deem it necessary. For very minor injuries, we will make a judgement call about whether to disturb your holiday or not. Please discuss any particular instructions with us at check-in so that we are aware of your wishes.
Medications We are experienced in administering medications.
~ Medications must be clearly named and concise instructions provided (written, online and verbal).
~ If a dosage has changed since your last visit, please, make this perfectly clear to us.
~ A small fee applies to medications administered outside operating hours.
~ Medications are easy to forget at pick-up time (in the excitement), so please pop a reminder on your phone.
Fleas & WormsWe are required by Victorian Boarding Regulations to flea and worm your pet if you have not administered these treatments in a timely manner prior to arrival. The cost of this is added to your booking. You can inform us as to your pet’s worm/flea status during the booking process.
Brand efficacy can change over time so we recommend a chat with your vet about the best option/s.
Heart-wormHeartworm treatment (administered by a Veterinarian) is recommended for dogs staying in Victorian Boarding Kennels, however, it is not mandatory.
FeedbackA post-board email will outline common issues that may occur after playing in our active environment and invites you to provide feedback. We strongly encourage feedback regarding any health issue – no matter what it is. This is important to us.
GeriatricsPlease make sure, if leaving a very old dog in our care, that you discuss with us what to do if they become ill, or pass away, while with us. Hard core discussion, but we need to know your wishes.
Health Matters


Guest TypeWe feed
Dogs – Food included with boardWe offer a selection of top-quality Royal Canin dry food (breed or need specific), BlackHawk Grain Free kibble, Prime100 rolls (made with human-grade ingredients) & Hazeldene’s Fresh chicken wings & fillets.
Dogs – Optional extras – not included with boardOptional ‘spoil-em‘ meals are available, for example, home-cooked Warm Chicken Dinners, Bacon-n-Eggs (Breakfast), Kongs, and licky-mats.
If choosing ‘spoil-em’ options, please ensure that your pet has consumed these kinds of food at home in the past (eg. eggs, peanut butter, creamed cheese).
Dogs – Breakfast – Pups and pill-popping poochesPups and pill-popping pooches automatically receive breakfast.
Dogs Breakfast – adult dogsAdult dogs, who are within their ‘normal’ weight range, must choose breakfast as an ‘extra’ add-on. (You are welcome to supply breakfast if this concerns you).
Dogs Breakfast – weight droppersIf guests ‘drop’ weight during their stay, we auto add a morning meal to counterbalance the calorie imbalance (no charge).
CatsCats enjoy Royal Canin kibble to graze on and Fancy Feast for breakfast.
Your FoodYou are welcome to provide your own food (eg your pet has special dietary requirements). However, there is no reduction in boarding fees.
How to prepare your own foodWe prefer ‘own food’ to be portioned and clearly named – air-tight containers keep things fresh. Please remember that energy ‘in’ must equal energy ‘out’. Breakfast portions should be much smaller than dinner portions (as we don’t like dogs playing and running on overly full tummies).
Sensitive TummiesIf your pet is prone to a sensitive stomach, we are happy to discuss a slow switch from your food to ours.
Your feeding instructionsYou have the opportunity to explain your feeding instructions during the booking process. Accuracy is the key!
Cross-checkWe usually double check feed requirements at check-in. If we forget, don’t forget to prompt us.
Feed time processesWe ALWAYS feed dogs in their own rooms, at the end of the day, separately &/or individually – indeed, we never allow free-range pack dinners – this would be fraught with all manner of difficulties.


The matter at handAnd we respond
PhotographsPhotographs are not included in the cost of your board or play date. This is a paid service. Please read our photograph page to find out why.
Social Media PicturesPlease see photographs above.
Personal ItemsNBKC provides everything for a comfy and joyful stay. We prefer to spend our energies caring for pets, rather than tracking personal items – and keeping them from being or destroyed or disappearing in the voluminous wash cycle (the item that is, not your pet). We suggest, that if you want to leave ‘a smell from home’, then an old t-shirt or windcheater is perfect (one that you don’t mind never seeing again).
What if I do leave personal items?If you choose to leave (CLEARLY named) personal items with us, you must understand that the items may not be returned to you in the same condition, or indeed, at all. True!
Leashes / HarnessesAll personal leashes/harnesses are given back to customers at check-in time. We don’t accept these items because they simply disappear, like the proverbial sock in the wash.
Asking after your pet – during office hours.Our preference is to receive questions via text message (NOT social media). This allows us time to gather data from the relevant purple people who have been cuddling and or caring for your pet. We cannot guarantee an immediate or timely response as our priorities fluctuate throughout the day.
If this concerns you, you are welcome to choose the paid report option – we can schedule a (very thorough and cute little) report into our busy day.
Asking after your pet – during peak periods.Please select the paid option for reports regarding your pet when they stay with us during peak periods. Caring for 800 paws is a higher priority. We will always contact you if something is wrong.
Asking after your pet – outside office hours.We do not answer questions after hours.
Staffy BreedsWe limit the number of Staffy breeds that we host on our grounds (particularly peak times). Nothing personal.
Dog CollarsFlat style, clipped together. No chains or buckles please.
Cat CratesCrates look remarkably similar, so please name your crate. Your crate is left with us (in most instances) and sometimes stay in your cat’s room as the ‘home pod’.
Miscellaneous Matters

Arrivals and Departures

Dropping Your PetConfirmation emails explain the drop off process.
Restrained, please.All dogs must be on a lead when they exit the car – whether this is our lead or yours. We cannot have ‘free-roaming’ pets due to traffic concerns and other guests arriving/departing.
Picking up your petYour departure time is shown on your booking. If you wish to alter the time, then please let us know by 4 pm the day before. Bath rosters are drawn up at this time. We can have many, many pamper sessions scheduled and last-minute changes (on the day) disrupts the flow.
Waiting for your petStay by your car. A purple person will bring your pet to you. Please do not call out excitedly to your pet when our purple people are leading them over, this has the potential to injure our workers (particularly if your dog is a large, excitable & strong breed). A dog-nified reunion is respectfully encouraged.
In’s and Out’s

GRIEVANCES & Happiness…

An auto-email (post-board) will prompt you to provide us with feedback.

Your observations are very important to us as they not only assist us in monitoring post-board issues but help to improve ongoing processes.

If you have a serious grievance, please ask to speak to Fay, David or Vanessa – we are happy to have a chat to try and unravel your concerns.

Pricing and Refunds

Our other agreement, regarding the money side of things, can be found at Pricing and Refunds.