Pho-dog-rapher Rachel with Allie - They prefer posing for pictures rather than reading agreements!
Pho-dog-rapher Rachel with Allie – They prefer posing to reading agreements!

It is possibly true, and any sensible person would surely acknowledge, that agreements, by their very nature, are very DULL indeed.  However, we hope that you will find ours a little less so.

‘Signing’ your Agreements

We like trees, so we keep our Agreements electronically.

You log into your account with us, make a booking request, and the system tells you which agreements to sign (links are provided directly to our website). You check a box and type your name to acknowledge that you have read and understood how we operate.

When agreements undergo a major overhaul, we ask you to re-read and re-sign.

Of course, this will all make sense during the booking process.

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