M: 0458 962 000

Opening Hours

AM: 9.30 to 12
PM: 2 to 5

AM: 9.30 to 12

IMPORTANT: We are CLOSED from NOON to 2pm every day.

Check-in's and out's are strictly during the Opening Hours above.

Grooming Services Include

  • Hydro Bath
  • Turbo dry
  • Clipping
  • - Breed Specific
  • - Tidy up
  • - Basic clipping
  • - De-matting
  • Nail Clipping
  • Ear cleaning
  • Flea treatments (Frontline)
  • Worming
  • Basic health checks
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Prices are per day (a minimum 2-day stay applies). Prices are for off-peak periods.

  • TOY Dog – up to 5kg – $23
  • SMALL Dog – up to 10kg – $25
  • MEDIUM Dog – up to 20 kg – $27
  • LARGE Dog – up to 35kg – $29
  • X-LARGE Dog – up to 50kg – $31
  • GIANT Dog – 50 kg & over – $33
  • Unsociable – Any Size – $45

PEAK Prices

See below for when Peak pricing occurs.

  • Add $5 per day to above prices.


  • Any size dog – $11 (you drop off & pick up – discuss hours with us)
    • Add $2 per day during peak periods.

Doggy Day Out

  • Any size – $37 for one dog. $56 for 2 dogs in the one family. See our Doggy Day Out page for full details.

Private Yard

Occasionally we are asked by customers for a private yard for their dogs (for particular reasons – they don’t want them mixed). This attracts a fee of $11 per day and is only an option during off-peak periods.


Prices are per day (a minimum 2-day stay applies). Prices are for off-peak periods.


Maximum of 1 adult cat, or 2 kittens)

  • 1 Cat = $16


Maximum of 2 cats – from same family – in same room.

  • 1 Cat = $22
  • 2 Cats = $33


Multiple Cats (from same family) – 1st Cat $22 + @$11.

  • 2 Cats = $33
  • 3 Cats = $44
  • 4 Cats = $55
  • 5 Cats = $66 etc.

Family of Cats – if you wish to split your family into two or more rooms, then the cost for that room applies.

Peak Prices

Add $2 per day (per cat). See below for Peak Periods.


We try and provide snap shots of your pet when you ask, however, given the nature of our kennels it is very difficult to achieve & deliver. Therefore this (free) service is something that we simply can’t guarantee.

We have introduced a ‘fee-for-service’ whereby you can pre-order your snaps/reports – and we can pre-arrange staff and times to achieve the task. Making it a certainty!  Happy snaps are $25 per request/day. You will find the ‘happy snap’ details as you make your bookings.

About Pricing

  • Prices are based on ONE pet per ONE calendar day (not night).
  • Minimum two-day boarding is charged.
  • Charges apply for the day of arrival AND day of collection and every day in-between.
  • Pick-up/drop-off must be during opening hours (unless otherwise arranged with management).

PEAK Periods 2019

All dates are inclusive. Peak boarding fees are charged during Victorian School Holidays & Public Holidays. If a single public holiday falls on a Monday (for example), then we apply peak charges from Saturday through to Monday.


We offer a 10% discount for the following (please see ‘discount etiquette’ below).

7 Day Family Stay

  • 2 pets or more from the one family boarding for longer than 7 days.

Single Pet 30 Day Stay

  • a single pet staying for more than 30 days.

Early Check Out

  • If you collect your pet between 9.30am and 10am on the day of departure – you do not pay for that day. (Remember, the MINIMUM TWO DAY stay).
  • As per a hotel, if you collect your pet after 10am, a full days boarding is charged.

Our Discount Etiquette:

Discounts do NOT apply during PEAK periods.

Only ONE discount applies at any time (eg. There is no extra discount for multi-pet family staying longer than 30 days – and it doesn’t matter if you have 2 or 10 pets in a family – it is still 10%).

Payment Methods

You are welcome to pre-pay at check-in.

Long term boarders are asked to pay approx half the boarding fee at check-in.

Short term boarders (under two weeks) can make payment on the day of collection.

We accept:

  • Cash
  • Direct Deposit (details on invoice)
  • PayPal (ask us how)

Payment can be made over the phone (via credit card).


  • All check-in’s and out’s are STRICTLY during business hours.
    • A  fee is charged for out of hours check-in’s & out’s ($30)
  • We are CLOSED between Noon & 2pm daily.
  • We are CLOSED every Saturday afternoon

Prices are subject to change – so please drop by regularly to keep up to date.