M: 0458 962 000

Opening Hours

AM: 9.30 to 12
PM: 2 to 5

AM: 9.30 to 12

IMPORTANT: We are CLOSED from NOON to 2pm every day.

Check-in's and out's are strictly during the Opening Hours above.

Grooming Services Include

  • Hydro Bath
  • Turbo dry
  • Clipping
  • - Breed Specific
  • - Tidy up
  • - Basic clipping
  • - De-matting
  • Nail Clipping
  • Ear cleaning
  • Flea treatments (Frontline)
  • Worming
  • Basic health checks
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Our Cattery

Our Cattery

All cat rooms are multi-tiered with plush bedding, cat scratches, toys, litter trays and either hammocks or chairs. Tiled floors make cleaning a breeze, and most rooms have an outdoor area for cats to soak up the fresh air. There is a different price structure for rooms with & rooms without outside access.

The Cattery is attached to the office and so our feline friends enjoy the comforts of an evaporative air conditioning system and fans during the summer – while heat pads keep them comfy during the winter months.

We have plans to expand the Cattery and these should be complete by the end of 2018.