M: 0458 962 000

Opening Hours

AM: 9.30 to 12
PM: 2 to 5

AM: 9.30 to 12

IMPORTANT: We are CLOSED from NOON to 2pm every day.

Check-in's and out's are strictly during the Opening Hours above.

Grooming Services Include

  • Hydro Bath
  • Turbo dry
  • Clipping
  • - Breed Specific
  • - Tidy up
  • - Basic clipping
  • - De-matting
  • Nail Clipping
  • Ear cleaning
  • Flea treatments (Frontline)
  • Worming
  • Basic health checks
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Dog and Cat Grooming

Nathalia Pet Retreat

Dogs – Standard Service

Bath & Dry

The Kennel staff try their best to provide a bath and blow dry for all of our boarders on the day they go home. The only exception is if the animal becomes too stressed (baths, after all, can be a terrifying experience for some!) and we will err on the side of happiness (and safety) and not proceed.

The majority, however, look great and smell delicious when they jump in their owner’s car to go home!

  • To help us with the process, we ask that you provide an approximate pick-up time so that we can have your loved one ready for you – freshly scrubbed.

Basic Nail Clipping

Kennel staff can also provide a basic nail clipping service ($5), however, this is dependent on the dog’s overall reaction to nail clipping – some dogs are best left to the professionals (Vet). Again, the happiness and safety of your pet and our staff are taken into consideration.

Dogs – Professional Service

Whilst we wait for our beloved Helen (Lickety Clips) to become well enough to work again, we rely upon another well respected, but ultra busy groomer, Tammie (Fluffy Puppy’s Mobile Grooming), to conduct professional grooming on-site.

Tammie can cater to tasks such as a full clip, basic cut, a general tidy up or breed specific grooming.


This professional service costs $55 per hour – and times can vary dependent on the desired cut, type of coat, temperament of dog and breed.

To avoid that scraggy look – it is best to book well ahead – so we can squeeze a time into Tammie’s busy schedule.

Cats – Professional Service

If you would like your Cat groomed, please discuss your requirements with us.

Matted Hair

Some dog breeds have the propensity to develop very small areas of ‘dread-locked’ hair – matted and thick hair under ears and other areas. Sometimes this matted hair appears to be part of the animals coat. Leaving the matted hair is not healthy for the dog and makes grooming far more difficult – increasing grooming time (and costs) accordingly. 

We are happy to inspect your dog and discuss removal of this unhealthy growth.