M: 0458 962 000

Opening Hours

AM: 9.30 to 12
PM: 2 to 5

AM: 9.30 to 12

IMPORTANT: We are CLOSED from NOON to 2pm every day.

Check-in's and out's are strictly during the Opening Hours above.

Grooming Services Include

  • Hydro Bath
  • Turbo dry
  • Clipping
  • - Breed Specific
  • - Tidy up
  • - Basic clipping
  • - De-matting
  • Nail Clipping
  • Ear cleaning
  • Flea treatments (Frontline)
  • Worming
  • Basic health checks
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Canine Cough

While dogs must be vaccinated for Canine Cough to board with us, this vaccine doesn’t cover all strains – and, much like humans who have the flu shot, one can still come down with a cold.

We don’t accept dogs who are visibly ill upon arrival, however the incubation period makes it impossible to determine which dogs are about to come down with a cough.

Similar to daycare centres and pre-schools, the spread of the cold virus is impossible to contain or control. The cough is often called ‘Kennel Cough’ because kennels have a higher number of dogs in close proximity to each other, however, because the virus is airborne it can easily be picked up in any location.

We rely on customers to keep us informed of any symptoms that occur after boarding with us so that we can keep a finger on the pulse of what is happening post-board. We have a process in place to inform customers about emerging patterns (pre-board, current & post-board).

For customers who haven’t experienced hearing a dog with Canine Cough, it is very similar to the sound that dogs make when they are dragging or pulling on a lead – reducing the airflow and making them grunt, gasp or cough. The sound of the coughing with this virus is very similar.

Like a human cold, the symptoms are ‘self-limiting’ and they will naturally run it’s course within 5 to 7 days – but if at all concerned about your dog (lethargy, vomiting, diarrhoea) seek immediate veterinary advice. We recommend that, for senior dogs and pups, that you definitely seek assistance (again, similar to humans). Vet’s can provide an anti-inflammatory to ease coughing.

More info (thanks Wikipedia) can be found here: Canine Cough.