M: 0458 962 000

Opening Hours

AM: 9.30 to 12
PM: 2 to 5

AM: 9.30 to 12

IMPORTANT: We are CLOSED from NOON to 2pm every day.

Check-in's and out's are strictly during the Opening Hours above.

Grooming Services Include

  • Hydro Bath
  • Turbo dry
  • Clipping
  • - Breed Specific
  • - Tidy up
  • - Basic clipping
  • - De-matting
  • Nail Clipping
  • Ear cleaning
  • Flea treatments (Frontline)
  • Worming
  • Basic health checks
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Welcome to Nathalia Boarding Kennels & Cattery

Picturesque Nathalia Boarding Kennels & Cattery (since October 2016) is owned and operated by the Scadden family. We think of our employees as family too.

A difficult choice made easy…

Deciding where to leave your loved one can be a very difficult decision and while it is ultra important that your pet is happy, we know that it is paramount that the humans feel comfortable too. That is why we provide inspections of our facility, so you can grill us before making a decision.

Our friendly staff can assist you at 11am on any day – all you need to do is to call in advance to book an appointment.

It’s a dog tail thing…

Our aim is to have your pet’s tail wagging merrily – this tells us that they love staying at Nathalia Boarding Kennels and Cattery and are super excited each time they visit. 

What we do… and it’s a tad different…


First, and foremost, we simply love, love, love what we do. Also, heads-up, we don’t accept aggressive dogs.

Our philosophy is almost opposite to that of other Kennels  We recognize, without a shadow of a doubt, that dogs are social creatures and therefore benefit greatly from the company of others – this provides stimulation, interest and excitement – keeping boredom and frustration at bay. We don’t coop dogs up in single runs, or restrict their play time, or let them out of their kennels for 15 minutes at a time, or walk them on a lead for exercise. Nope, we don’t do any of that!

We don’t charge extra for fun either!

What we do have is 28 carefully monitored yards (some are almost garden-like) where we match dogs (of similar size, age & temperament) with playmates so that they can play and socialise the day away. Some yards are grassed, some are river sand, some are small and some are perfect for running. The yards are continually monitored and adjusted as dogs are checked in and out. We even have a few yards for those who may not like to socialise.  All yards have water troughs, sprinklers, beds, toys, shade & shelter. 

Weather permitting, our guests can play and socialise for up to eight hours a day.

Of course active dogs deserve top quality food at the end of the day and sleep (in our comfy and squeaky clean sleeping quarters) will rejuvenate bodies ready for another day of fun.  

We also provide daycare options for locals and an amazing Doggy Day Out for pet owners in Shepparton, Echuca & Kyabram.


Our feline friends are housed near the office, where they are easily monitored throughout the day. Purring is a wonderful, contented sound!


Our web-site has it all, prices, necessities, facts, booking info – go ahead and click around. If you can’t find what you are looking for – give us a bell – we are happy to help!

Our Heart…

To truly understand the heart of our business – we encourage you to read our history – and, you will find, at it’s core, the founder, Madeleine Keil.